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5 hacks for building a fully functioning business with ThriveThemes

Building home based business with Thrive Themes

In this step by step guide to building a business with ThriveThemes, I’ll show you how you can use only ONE paid tool to set up and manage a fully functioning business online.

If you’ve thought about starting your own online business for a while but feel very confused regarding the tools you should use, this article will eliminate all of your doubts and make it a lot easier.

By starting a business with ThriveThemes, you can use only one paid tool to set up your website, start a successful e-mail marketing campaign and improve the interface and usability of your own content.

A few quick disclaimers:

  • This blog post does include affiliate links. I do get, at no additional cost to you, a commission if you sign up for any of my suggested services. But I’d never suggest anything I don’t particularly love myself;
  • This won’t be a “get rich easy” scheme. It will, however, guide you through all of the must-haves for a successful business online and how exactly you can create it with ThriveThemes.
  • ThriveThemes won’t be the only used online platform or service in this guide BUT it is the main one and the only one you should pay for (the rest are optional and/or can be used for free).

Let’s get started, shall we?

Why ThriveThemes should be your first choice


By now, I’ve been a freelance graphic designer and online course creator for several years. But my passion lies in helping people to start their businesses online.

Whether you’re a mother searching some additional income, you’re a student struggling to survive through the month or a successful professional in your field, interested in making more money online, or, maybe, you’re eager to get out of your rut and make your DREAM happen – this step by step guide will show you HOW to get started as soon as (literally) NOW.


What is ThriveThemes?

ThriveThemes is a platform offering various products for online business owners.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Thrive Themes: WordPress themes for your website
  • Thrive Architect: drag & drop builder for your WordPress website
  • Thrive Leads: Opt-in forms for your e-mail marketing
  • Landing Pages: ready-to-go landing pages for your offers

While these are not all of the services this platform offers, these are the most important ones in this step by step guide to building a fully functioning business with ThriveThemes.

In ThriveThemes, you have two options to consider:
Purchase each specific product separately
Subscribe to all of them

If you decide to purchase each specific product, it’ll be ONE TIME PAYMENT. So if you know that you need only Landing Pages – it’s one service, one purchase, and you’re done.

If you’d prefer having ALL of the options ThriveThemes offer, choose subscription service and only for $30/month you’d have the access to ALL of the products. Besides that, once you decide to unsubscribe, you can still use all you’ve previously purchased, you’ll just stop getting updates.

Is ThriveThemes really the only service/platform I’ll need?

Here’s how it works!

First, you should have a website setup:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting

You can read more on how to set up a self-hosted website in 5 easy steps.

It’s really the basics of running any kind of a business and I assume that most of my readers will already have it started.

If you already have it done, ThriveThemes will work as an addition – all you need. You’ll connect it with your WordPress and voila! You can use the product you’ve purchase OR all of them (if using a subscription). We’ll look more into specifics further in the post.

ThriveThemes can eliminate the need to pay for several services monthly.

For example, instead of using LeadPages for your landing page designs (costing $37/montlhy), you can use Thrive Landing Pages ($30/monthy OR $69, one-time purchase).

I’ve always been very budget-curious regarding any business-related decisions and I can say with an absolute confidence – ThriveThemes will be the best money investment in your business!

ThriveThemes products


Guide to building a business with ThriveThemes

Both those who are just starting as well as those who are deep into building successful businesses have something in common – they want powerful and well-working platforms. They want to escape the “figuring out” part and MAKE IT WORK, as smooth, easy and fast, as possible. 

And that’s exactly what ThriveThemes are for.

STEP #1 Have a domain name & hosting setup

Unfortunately, ThriveThemes DO NOT offer this service so you’ll have to make another pick for your domain name and hosting. I personally prefer Siteground for hosting (amazing for starters!) and Namecheap for a domain name.

If you need any guidance on how to start a self-hosted website, read more here.


STEP #2 Choose one of the ThriveThemes for your website

ThriveThemes is offering WordPress website themes.

Once you start a WordPress website, it’s plain page with no specific design elements. A theme is a pre-made design that you can set up on your website and with little tweaks make it your own (like color changes, additional banners, etc).

You can learn more about WordPress themes for starters.

With ThriveThemes, you get the access to all of their offered themes. It’s great for those who like to change things up once in a while but don’t want to invest tons of time or money.

Their themes are very well optimized and thoughtfully designed unique solutions. I’m sure anyone can find a theme for their specific preferences!


STEP #3 Use ThriveArchitect to customize

My next favorite part of using ThriveThemes is their REALLY SIMPLE drag&drop theme architect.

Basically, drag&drop WordPress theme means that you can adjust each element on the page, just like you like it.

I’m a WordPress website designer and I’ve seen incredibly many such builders that don’t work, look like crap or don’t have enough functions.

I can’t stretch this enough – ThriveArchitect drag&drop option REALLY lets you customize ANYTHING. And it’s working. And working perfectly.


STEP #4 Create a Sales page with Landing Pages

Once you’ve created a functional WordPress website, you do need to start thinking about specific offers of yours.

What is the main purpose of your business and how you can monetize it in the best way possible?

Landing Pages give you an option to create a conversion-focused page that’ll be all about MAKING THE SALE.

What’s the difference between a website and a landing page?

A website can include tons of information and many different features: About page, Blog, Shop, Contact, etc.

While Landing Pages are created to SELL one specific offer or product. Landing Page is all about eliminating distractions and giving enough enticing information about the product instead of “showing you around”. So if I want to sell a course, I create course Sales page (aka Landing Page) and cover all related to this specific course and WHY one should make this purchase. I don’t give other options like “Go to my blog” or “Contact us here”. It’s more like “Click here to purchase”.

Less distractions = more sales.

And Landing page can be created for anything: services, e-products, physical products, events, etc.

Thrive Landing Page creator is just as easy to use and you also have many powerful templates already prepared!

Home based business with ThriveThemes

STEP #5 Set up Thrive Leads opt-in

To set up a thriving business, working on e-mail marketing is if not a must then, at least, something to seriously consider.

Even if email marketing doesn’t feel like your jam, there are many different options on how to make it work for you without feeling like you’re invading someone’s email, being too salesy or just boring.

Anyhow, it all starts with a good opt-in!

Usually, opt-in means giving something for free in exchange for the person’s email address. That way, they are, with their own permission, added to your mailing list and from there you can add them in your mailing campaigns.

ThriveLeads offer really powerful and well-designed opt-in options that’ll not only work well with your content but also actually get sign-ups, even just because of their responsive and aligned design.

This, once again, is something I’ve been through way too many times:
– A good email marketing platform offers a lack of opt-in designs
– Opt-in designs are poorly-designed and don’t offer enough options
– It’s hard to integrate this service with WordPress
– The price paid for high quality does not pay off in the long-term

All of that is eliminated with ThriveLeads because they offer you a pure quality that’ll be well worth your money.

Oh, and they have 470 opt-in templates. Yes, you read that right.

Once you create opt-in, you will have to add it to an e-mail marketing service. Basically, opt-in is only the design part of the signup. Once the person signs up, they get sent to your mailing list, which is stored on your e-mail marketing service.

Most of those can be used for free up to thousand or more users. My favorite is MailerLite but here are some other options you can consider (both paid and free).


ThriveThemes offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can give them a go without a doubt of your investment. Build your business with ThriveThemes and see all the options you can have!

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