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The review of Udemy vs Teachable for creating and selling courses online

The review of Udemy vs Teachable for creating and selling courses online

As an online course creator myself, I’ve hard the first-hand experience on plenty of course creation platforms. This time, let’s take a look at the review of Udemy vs Teachable for creating and selling courses online.


I help entrepreneurs to turn their knowledge into online income. I’ve worked with many creators who’ve created and grown their online courses.

If you’re at the very beginning of your course creation path, you might be confused when it comes to choosing the best platform for creating and selling courses online.

Udemy and Teachable are big names in the game, however, they play by quite different rules. One of the very first things to understand when it comes to Udemy vs Teachable is that both platforms are based on very different principles.

Think of Udemy as a marketplace. You can set up your course there and it is sold by Udemy. It almost becomes a part of their business, a part of what THEY are selling. You’re just a small drop in a huge ocean. You play by their rules and follow their instructions.

Teachable, on the other hand, is software that lets you create YOUR OWN marketplace. You build YOUR school with your courses. But, therefore, also market and sell yourself.

Let’s take a closer look!


The comparison of Udemy vs Teachable for creating and selling courses online


The review of Udemy vs Teachable for creating and selling courses online

Here’s some general review of Udemy vs Teachable that you should be aware of.


CATEGORY #1: Course requirements

On Teachable you have complete freedom to create any kind of an online course with unlimited options to include plenty of different media (or not).

This means that your course can consist of video or audio, as well as JUST the written text. There are no guidelines on how the course on Teachable should look like. It’s your course so it’s your call!

You can also choose how many lessons and how many modules will there be.

On Udemy, you need to follow quite strict guidelines on how to create a course. They say that you are free to choose any topic. However, there’s also a list of restricted course topics

Besides that! On Udemy your course MUST include at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures.

When it comes to the comparison of Udemy vs Teachable in terms of course guidelines, Teachable is an absolute winner giving you complete freedom on how your course can look like.


CATEGORY #2: Your course’s pricing

On Teachable, you have complete freedom to set up any kind of pricing you want. Besides having a free course, there are 3 pricing modules:

  • one-time payment
  • payment plan (for example, a student can pay in 2 or 3 parts)
  • and monthly recurring payment like a subscription

On Udemy, price slashing is their whole price model, your course has to be priced lower than $50 to be competitive. The most popular courses are priced up to $20. At the end of the day, you don’t get much more than $5 – $15/per sale.

Here we, once again, see that in the review of Udemy vs Teachable, Teachable is way ahead Udemy, giving its users freedom over their courses.


CATEGORY #3: Cost of the platform

Using a budget-friendly platform is an important part for many course creators, especially, those who are just starting out

Teachable is free to use only up to 10 students. Their current cheapest plan starts at $39/monthy + 5% transaction fees. Any higher plan doesn’t have transaction fees + you can get discounts with yearly plans.

Udemy is free to use. However, you get only a percentage of each sale made. The percentage depends on where the customer is coming from. You’re going to receive only 25 – 50% of the sales price of your course.

This is a hard category to name the “winner” in since you end up paying in any case.

If you do some calculation, you’ll understand that a $39 flat fee per month + transaction fees, on average, is still A LOT less than giving up 50 – 75% of your revenue and, therefore, losing a significant amount of revenue on each sale.

On the other hand, on Udemy, you’re saving on course promotion. If you don’t want to do your own marketing and want to rely solely on Udemy’s promotion campaigns, you might save on social media ads or any time spent on marketing in general.

But then, you also should keep in mind that Udemy is not promoting your course alone and the actual number of your students could be a lot smaller than in any other case…

From my perspective, even in this category, Teachable is the best software to use!


CATEGORY #4: Student management

Having your course student information and control over their data is an important part of running a successful online course business! Therefore, let’s take a look at how each of these platforms handles student management.

As soon as a new student signs up on your Teachable school, you have access to their information, including their email address. Teachable also gives you a chance to get in touch with your students through their platform. You can also export all the data and upload them on your email marketing platform for easier communication (you should always give your students an option to opt-out of this though!)

On Udemy you can’t grow your email list and the list is one of the most crucial parts of any online marketing! You can’t access student personal info and the course will not be approved with any external links. They are intentionally making it hard to creators to grow their lists. Not even hard but impossible

They’re making more money by stopping creators from driving people away from the platform. Ultimately, what you’re doing as a course creator on Udemy, you’re growing their business, instead of growing your own community.


CATEGORY #5: Integration options

What if you want to connect your online course to a custom payment getaway, your email marketing service or any other platform related to your online business?

Teachable offers plenty of integrations, for example, you can easily connect your course to email marketing services like Mailchimp or ConvertKit, you can also add Google Analytics and create custom payment getaways. Besides that, if you want to connect your course to any third-party platform that is not directly offered by Teachable, you can use Zapier and make the connection!

Udemy, once again, is quite restricted in this field and allows only Google Analytics & AdWords integrations.

Teachable is an absolute winner when it comes to third-party integrations!


The review of Udemy vs Teachable for creating and selling courses online


Brief review of of Udemy vs Teachable

Pros & cons of using Udemy

Pros of Udemy:

  • Good for exposure if you don’t have any following
  • Organic traffic growth from the site
  • Free to use

Cons of Udemy:

  • Makes you reduce the price of what could be a very well valued course
  • Video content is a must
  • Doesn’t give you an option to build your own mailing list
  • Limits your interactions with students
  • Takes 50 – 75% of each sale made


Pros & cons of using Teachable

Pros of Teachable:

  • Complete freedom when it comes to setting up your course, creating a curriculum and choosing media to use
  • Free communication with students and full access to their data
  • Handles payments & refunds
  • It’s a widely used platform, therefore, many online course enthusiasts are already used to it

Cons of Teachable:

  • No built-in user base (however, they are trying out a new feature – course library!)
  • Only 10 students on the free plan
  • Monthly subscription fees starting from $29/monthly (cheapest plan, paid yearly)
  • No marketing support


Should you choose Udemy or Teachable for creating and selling course online?

Honestly, I really see no reason to choose Udemy. The only inviting part of it is the marketing aspect. However, you can use plenty of revenue by not building your own student list. Besides that, Udemy does not guarantee the promotion of your courses. So if this is the only part of the deal that makes you think about using Udemy, drop it!

If you are considering online course creation, I absolutely suggest going for Teachable.

It will give you the freedom to create your own passive income, build a great student base and grow your income from there!

Don’t be reliant on a platform like Udemy where they can easily put on new rules and play you like a chess piece.

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