6 steps to improve old blog posts and bring in new readers

I got more than 50% traffic increase within a week by writing no new blog posts. How? By finding a use to my old blog posts and bringing it back to life! Read on to know exact steps I did & you can do too to grow your blog statistics.


Have you ever heard a thing called “evergreen content”? Basically, it’s content that will be interesting for your readers not only within the first day or five but also within a year and three. If you’re trying to grow a successful blog, creating evergreen content can be a huge help!

Even if you haven’t considered this before, look back at your existing posts and evaluate – which ones would be still relevant today, even though you might’ve written them a year or five a go?!

Let’s dive right into it and see what you can do about these posts.


How to improve your old blog posts for more readers

What did I do with my old blog content to bring in new readers?

STEP #1: Review everything you’ve written

I mean, it all. You will have to spend this week reviewing your old content from A to Z.

I usually spare an hour or two on a weekend to review several of the older posts. I used to do as many as I can in one day but it can get really tiring very fast.

Here’s what to pay your attention to:

  • Check your content with a new pair of eyes. Any grammar/spelling mistakes? You can use Grammarly to check that for you!
  • Any old offers included? Delete them!
  • Some completely not relevant posts? Delete them!
  • Have you shared anything you feel bad or ashamed about? Delete it!
  • Are your subscription boxes leading to your current mailing list?
  • Is there any outdated affiliate links?

There’s no use in keeping old and outdated content on your website. You can make already a published post a draft if you really want to keep it but it has nothing to do with your new blog goals.

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STEP #2: Upgrade existing content

This actually is the most important part of bringing your old content back to life. Content upgrades are what will get your new audience to flow in and pay attention to what you’re saying or offering.

Add new comments/experiences to old blog posts

For example, if you have tried a service mentioned in your earlier posts, maybe now it’s possible to also add in more experience. You can also just add a link to your latest blog post on this topic or any other related articles you might’ve written.

Add content upgrades to your most popular posts

Worksheets/e-books/videos. If there are people coming for the information from you, why don’t you give them what they want? You can add free opt-ins for them to join your mailing list. Besides that, you won’t waste your time without knowing whether your content and freebies will reach your preferred audience – it already has done it since people are reading this content!

Update existing links and add new ones

Add your new affiliate links or just relevant posts from your own or your fellow blogger blogs. Inner backlinking – adding links to your own posts – is a great chance to improve your SEO rate.

Make it easy to subscribe

Make sure to add subscription box and/or your opt-in offer to all the most relevant and popular posts to not miss a new subscriber!

Rewrite parts of the post that feel weird to you or aren’t relevant

You don’t have to delete all of the “old” info, you can just update it with a new one so your readers feel like it’s worth a share!


STEP #3: Create new graphics

Maybe you’re not a designer or you didn’t have many Canvas skills when you first started blogging, it’s not an excuse for bad blog graphics! If your first (or even recent) blog graphics is a horror story, that easily can be a reason why no one is checking out your blog. Make sure to update your graphics according to your branding and what your audience will like.

If your blog posts are not Pinterest friendly yet, make sure to check out your Pinterest luck by adding vertical images to your posts.

If you’re not on Pinterest just yet, make sure to learn more about Pinterest marketing.

Besides good banner photos, there are other kinds of graphics you can add to your blog posts for updated content:

  • Quote photos;
  • Illustrations;
  • Infographics;
  • Relevant stock photos.


Improve your old blog posts to get new readers


STEP #4: Post your old articles on social media

You may have noticed that there are bloggers who post their old blog posts with a comment “Archive“. Why should you? There’s no need to say that this post is a few months or maybe even years old. If it’s still relevant and interesting to your existing audience – post them away!

First of all, since the last time you posted this article, you might be getting way more followers than you did before and they have no idea about this old post! Also, keep in mind that people can’t follow everything that gets posted which means – post, post, post! Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.

Now, imagine, how much content you really have for sharing if you allow yourself to post your old blog posts? And how many new readers can you get by doing that? I can answer you right away – a lot!

My main source of referrals is Pinterest so I do put most of my attention there, both for my new and old blog posts. At the same time, you might use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as well. Check what works the best for you!


STEP #5: Republish your old posts

Yes! You can not only improve your old posts and market them once again but also – republish.

Republishing a post from 2 or 3 years ago is a good idea because of several reasons. One of which – Google loves fresh content! If you use Google Search, check out hold old are the first posts. Usually, they’ve been published either several days or months ago. Very rarely you’ll see a high-ranking post from years ago. Therefore – fresh content counts.


STEP #6: Create new content

Very often, when we write the post, we have only a partial knowledge of the topic that we share. Then, when months and years pass by, you might’ve learned many different aspects of the topic discussed, you might’ve new experience to share and new insights.

All of which can be a great inspiration for new content and follow-up posts to the same article.

Later on, when you have gathered many different posts about a similar topic, you can easily create a roundup post where you gather all of them and give your readers an easy chance to find the content they need. Like I have done with my Pinterest articles.



  • Review all of your old blog posts;
  • Don’t hesitate to rewrite them or delete unnecessary details;
  • Add content upgrades to your most popular posts;
  • Update and add visuals;
  • Repost your old content on social media.


There really are many ways how you can share your old posts and get new traffic. Use the opportunity to do it!

What are your favorite ways to repurpose old content? Share in the comments!

2 Replies to “6 steps to improve old blog posts and bring in new readers”

  1. Laila says: January 21, 2018 at 4:51 am

    Super helpful tips! Your whole blog is so informative. Thank you for so generously sharing your expertise.

    1. Ieva Laicane says: January 21, 2018 at 10:51 am

      Hi, Laila,

      Thank you for making my day with your nice comments! I’m happy you found it useful.


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