Yes, I know what you’re thinking. There are way too many apps out there! And although most of them are really amazing and give you unbelievable options, it’s still always too much. After all, who has time to even explore all of them?! Therefore I’m here to share some of the most useful apps for freelancers that I’ve explored in my own freelancing career!


You can also check out my Resource page where you’ll find various apps & softwares, as well as books and other suggestions. 

I wasn’t a big fan of nowadays technologies up till I started freelancing and owning my own business. Online business management is almost impossible without using at least some of these apps. At some point, I started experimenting to find out which of these apps will work the best for me & here’s what I found out!


Improve your productivity with these apps for freelancers

Useful apps for freelancers

Here’s a list of various apps that’ll rock your freelancing career in the best way possible!

1. Evernote

Evernote is like your online notebook. And you either love it or hate it.

Evernote might feel confusing for those who have no clear note management system. But, as soon as you get used to the platform, you can learn how to manage your notes the best way possible! So yes, Evernote is as simple as that: this platform offers to write down separate notes. You can include to-do lists, links, photos, even Google Docs etc. It’s a pretty packed offer!

Besides that, it’s possible to share your Notes or Notepads with other people which make note sharing very fast and easy! If you haven’t tried it out yet – don’t hesitate and go for it. It’s worth finding out whether you’re on the lover or hater side…

2. Pocket

Another wonderland for me! I love with all my heart at this point and it is Pocket. It’s a “pin” kind of thing – you download this application for your web browser and/or phone and save anything that you’re willing to read later on. It’s like storing your personal library of online articles. YOU SEE WHY I LOVE IT, RIGHT?!??

Since I used to wander through twitter A LOT and I had no time at all to read all those articles all at once, I started using Pocket for the purpose. That way, I save everything that seems useful and later on, whenever I have some free time, I can finally read these articles.

It’s perfect for freelancers and other busy people! First, you’ll have something good to read when you’re ready to do that or just bored to death. Secondly, it archives everything you have read and it’s also possible to favorite the articles and save the best ones. So it makes it even more special. This gives you the option to share your favorite articles later on or just re-read yourself!

3. Buffer/Hootsuite

Buffer and Hootsuite are apps for post scheduling. They give you the option to schedule and share on your social media in your preferred schedule and as much as necessary.

These apps can be used to manage more than one social media at once. Which is great for social media managers! Read the comparison of both over here. Although I just must admit – I’m a team Buffer, all the way!

4. Rescuetime

You’re all about productivity, right? So be friends with Rescuetime! Trust me on this one, I know! It drives your willingness to do better and does it all the time.

Rescuetime is an app that you can install on your computer and it will follow all your actions. Later on, you can get the overview – about all the hours you’ve spent on very distracting things (as Facebook, Twitter…) or very productive ones – Adobe Suite, Word, etc. Good thing – you can manage yourself – which ones you call distracting ones and which ones are on the good side of things. Be honest!

This app gives you a percentage of all the time you’ve spent on the computer – how it has flown away. My average productivity score was around 70% till I forgot I was using this app and started to do much more useless stuff… So yeah, it helps!

5. Toggle

Toggl is a great way to keep track of your time! You can insert your time manually or use the timer to see how long time each task takes.

I’m using it for all of my freelancing projects so, later on, I can check – which project was the longest one, what is my average time for some tasks, also it’s super easy to see statistics and follow up – how long time overall you’re spending for actual work!

6. Slack

Slack is a communication tool for teams, but it’s possible to use it for client work as well. You can create your Slack, ask for others to join and let them see only those channels that are relevant to their project. You can create as many channels as you like. It’s for free up till stated number of people. It’s the perfect tool for small teams! I’m using it for 2 of my long term projects & it’s working like a charm!

You can also send over files, send private messages and archive channels when they’re no longer necessary!

7. Asana

Yet another absolutely amazing project management app. Create separate projects and manage tasks by stating the deadline, who’s in charge of it and who should follow the process. I’ve been using Asana for the longest time if we compare with any other project management apps and no doubts – I will continue doing that!!

8. Grammarly

For me as a non-native English speaker, Grammarly really is a life saver! It’s an app that can be installed in your browser or can be used online while completing some writing gigs. It’ll show your mistakes and additional suggestions for no cost at all unless you’re up for getting upgraded version.

It integrates with all of the writing platforms online, therefore, your grammar will be corrected for your e-mails, blog posts and even social media posts. Worth a try, right?

9. Tailwind

TailwindApp is the easiest & overall the best way to schedule your Pinterest pins. It has many amazing features: you can choose as many times per day as you want, you can easily pick boards you want to schedule for, you can check out all the statistics and enjoy other features the app offers. It definitely saves tons of time!

10. Google Keep

This is my newest discovery and I’m not sure where it has been so far?! It’s very similar to many other note-keeping apps but it’s better. The system is simple: you can create a simple note or a bullet-point note, synchronize it with your phone, make it in different colors (for different projects, for example), easily move, delete or update at all times. I love it!

Although the system is not anything unique, it’s really helpful when I have to make some quick notes and, for example, Evernote is too much for it. Great alternative!


What are your favorite apps? I’d love to discover some new tools! 

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