Web design trends from 2016

Web design trends for 2016

The design world is constantly changing and each day may come with new surprises. It’s impossible to catch up with everything that’s happening! At the same time, there are some trends that you should be aware of. Some of them are following us from 2015, while others are fresh-in. Take a look at web design trends from 2016!

[UPDATE 2020: Website design trends for 2020]


Website design is an important part of a successful business. I’ve gathered these web design trends from 2016 to bring you some inspiration and fresh ideas for your site.

Although it’s not the best practice to blindly follow all the trends (especially, since they are so fast-changing), I’d suggest taking a look at this list and consider which of the trends your business website might find helpful.


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Web design trends from 2016

Split-screen landing pages

If you have more than one product or service to offer, this is the right way to go! The split-screen gives the option to choose & people love to be on top of things and make their own decisions.

A split-screen landing page is a winning choice for your business if you can make it simple and easy to understand and you actually have two DIFFERENT choices to offer. Be creative around this and don’t offer only services or products like this. You can also give your clients an option to make a decision about emotions they’re willing to create, experiences they’re willing to get.

This gives the option to save clients’ time as well! You don’t have to make them search for their options or explore them along the way. They can make the choice here and now!

Full-width images

This is definitely something from 2015, but it’s gonna be big in 2016 as well!

Everyone loves HD images. Don’t forget that we all are visuals and people just LOVE to see great things clear and simple.

You can definitely use full-width images as you like. You can advertise your product right away or evoke some kind of emotion that will make people interested in what you have to offer.

At the same time, be careful with your photo quality and design. Make wise decisions about what kind of a photo to choose for your full-width website image. It has to be good!

Anything with low quality or bad design will destroy the overall good feeling what this photo could’ve bought.

Monochromatic colors

So here’s something for those who’re not that excited about colorful and mind-blowing websites. Monochromatic colors are in!

Choose your color palette wisely and make it look completely gorgeous! If you have a call-to-action button – you should make it stand out with a completely different color. Don’t be afraid to risk it and try out different versions of the best solutions.

Be careful with making it look pale or boring. Monochromatic does not mean boring! Also, it’s not an easy thing to do – to pull this design off. So inspire yourself first and then make great things to happen!

Minimalistic navigation

Prioritize pages that are in your navigation. If you give fewer options to your clients, there’s so much bigger chance that they’ll make a click (and make the right one!). Click rate can increase even 10 times!

Use Footer or Sidebars for other important information. Also, you can create sub-pages, but they’re not really a part of this minimalism idea anyways.

Simple offer

Make your offer simple, clear and visible. When someone enters your website, most likely – this person knows what he’s looking for OR he wants to know it RIGHT AWAY. Therefore it’s good to keep your Home page clear and simple, with no distractions and only the most important information.


Introduce your product, your service or yourself with an amazing video! One important thing to keep in mind in this case: video should be good! Like really good. To get attention, to build trust and make your visitors be more interested and after all, also buy your product.

Video will say so much more than any photo or written word ever could. The video will create this realistic illusion about how amazing is the thing your visitor can get. And that’s what makes your visitors more engaged! Therefore, if you had this idea before – go for it! If you didn’t – seriously think about it.


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  • Ash Kaitley
    February 15, 2016 at 6:37 am

    Hi ieva,

    Awesome post. Quite good observation on the latest web design trends.Highly relevant article. Full width images have become much popular in website design these days. Flat designs have also become popular. Along with it Material design have become a better option for web designers. Background animations are gaining attraction these days. Video background and motion animations on websites give it a really dynamic look. What are the 5 web design trends that are going to predominate in 2016. Check it out at

  • Livi
    August 30, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    Hello there, are these ideas responsive? In my opinion we should focus more on responsive web-design.


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