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Starting your own website can be one of the most important steps to setting up a successful online business. What are the things you should keep in mind when creating or upgrading your creative business website?


These days, anyone can start their own website. While it’s a wonderful feature to have for all of us, it’s also somewhat a pity. After all, just having a website won’t give you more leads. Your website has to be well designed and nicely organized to get more clients and overall attention.

How to set up creative business website ON YOUR OWN that will fulfill all of these functions?

Even more so… how to get it done if you have no previous experience?!

You’ve come to the right place!


Creative business website: everything you need to know

7 steps to keep in mind when building your creative business website

STEP #1: Choose the right platform

Basically, you have two options to go for:

  • You either create a website on platforms like Squarespace, Wix or Weebly OR
  • You start a self-hosted website on WordPress

In short, I’m always suggesting self-hosted WordPress website.

Yes, it’s a bigger time investment, however, it’s a lot more budget-friendly in the long run AND way more effective.

If you’re creating a long-term creative business website, make sure to strongly consider WordPress website creation.

However, if your website is just a short-term deal or you don’t care about it as much, you can just as well use any of the other platforms. They are not as versatile and will cost more, however, it’s a good time saver.

Read a full comparison of WordPress vs Squarespace, Wix & Weebly.


STEP #2: Choose a trustful hosting

If you’ve made the decision to start your creative business website on a self-hosted WordPress, it’s important to choose a good hosting which will be the base of your website.

I’ve had only the best experience with Siteground hosting so that’s something I’m absolutely suggesting.

Siteground has not only the best customer service I’ve experienced online but also very affordable pricing system! I’ve combined it with my WordPress website and it all works like a charm.

Besides that, whenever anything unexpected happens, I get all the necessary support from Siteground.

I was a complete starter when I first got to them, I think their support team already knows me by my name, based on how many times I’ve asked for help…

If you don’t know how to create a self-hosted website, start with this website creation guide! 


Blog Creation Simplified: free e-book, from A to Z, all about WordPress website creation


STEP #3: Get clear about your website’s purpose

To build a successful creative business website you should get clear about your actual purpose of it. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you building your website to drive leads to your blog and get new clients?
  • Will its main purpose be to show off your portfolio to your potential cooperation partners?
  • Are you looking forward to blogging and working with affiliate marketing?
  • Are you planning to create a community or resource website?

Why is it super important to keep in mind your purpose especially at the beginning? Because you can get easily distracted! As most of us already know:

whenever you start to actually create something, whether it’s an e-product, blog post or website, many new ideas kick in. It’s important to stay focused and have clear goals. 

Stick with your main purpose and get to the point where you’re completely satisfied with how you’ve reached your goal.

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STEP #4: Come up with your website’s structure

Before coming up with any content or even deciding which WordPress theme to choose for your website, it’s important to come up with a powerful website’s structure: pages and subpages, keeping in mind the information you’ll want to display on each one of these.

Here are simple hacks to follow: 

  • Make it easy for your visitors to find all the relevant information
  • Don’t make too many pages or subpages, keep it simple and relevant
  • Use the option to create separate Main and Footer menu if you want to showcase more pages


Custom WordPress website design


STEP #5: Start small

Get back to that purpose part. Don’t overwhelm yourself and start out small!

It’s not crucial to creating all of the possible pages right away. Keep it simple and relevant. This way you’ll have the option to finish faster, be more sure about the content you’re providing and your page will be easier to use.

Answer these questions when deciding what pages you’re willing to create:

  • Is this relevant to my clients?
  • Is this related to my purpose?
  • Can I combine it with any other page?
  • Do I need it now?

Many people feel like getting it all done with the very first try but truth to be told: most likely it won’t ever happen that way.

Don’t give your visitors too many options. They will get confused and will forget their own purpose of the visit.

A small business website should be all about informing people about the things they’ve come for. Not everything else!

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STEP #6: Keep it simple

It doesn’t always mean to go a minimalist way, create it all black and white or put in no creativity, no!

Keep it simple: use only 2-3 fonts, 2-3 colors. Don’t confuse yourself and your visitors. Make a decision and stick with whatever felt right at that point. You can always upgrade and change later on but for the very beginning, simplicity is a lifesaver!

Especially, if you’re not a designer, creating the whole design concept for your website could be pretty confusing and time-consuming. Choose something that resonates with you and what you really like.

There are tons of rules on how to do things but do what feels the best for you. If you feel like using 1 font in 2 different styles through your whole website: go for it! If the black & white design with one landing page is enough – let it be enough. Maybe bright and outstanding colors is your thing? Go-for-it!



Step #7: Be consistent

Consistency is my new absolutely favorite word. It is very important in whatever you do!

Consistency is what will make you trustful and legit. Consistency is what will let yourself and your business grow.

Don’t write down your service offers in 10 different fonts. Don’t offer graphic design one day and copywriting the other. Stick with whatever you do!

Am I against any kind of changes? No, I’m totally not. I LOVE changes. But only consistency can help you in growing your creative business website!


Takeaways for your small business website:

  1. Know your purpose!
  2. Choose the platform YOU love
  3. Start out small
  4. Keep things simple
  5. And ALWAYS be consistent!


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