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Website design trends for 2020 (+ trendy WordPress themes included!)

Website design trends for 2020

Website design features could be one of the most fast-changing trends in the world. What’s on top today, might be forgotten tomorrow. There are new features being built every-single-day. To make it all a bit easier for you, I’ve gathered some of the most popular website design trends for 2020.


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Being a trend-setter or a keen trend follower is not a must-do. But trends do set great samples and might inspire you big time.

Following one of my all-time most popular articles on Web trends from 2016, I’m here now to share a bit more of what’s waiting for us in the upcoming – 2020 – year. Either you’re looking forward to rebranding your own business or you’re searching for some inspiration as a website creator yourself, this article will help you!

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Website design trends for 2020

Website design trends are important not only from the inspiration point of view but also because THEY MATTER.

All of the internet is inner connected and one trend follows others, companies align their priorities and goals based on such trends, search engines update their algorithms, plugins change, features get upgraded.

If you want your site to rank high, be well-converting and overall successful, make sure to review which of these trends might work the best for you!

Even if you don’t choose to use any of these trends for your site, it is important to understand them. Your business might depend on it…

But remember the following – these trends ARE NOT supposed to work altogether. Therefore, use your best judgment to mix and match, find the best design for your business and your personal style.

Blog Creation Simplified 2020

TREND #1: Broken grid layout

In website design, a grid is the holy grail of an organization. It helps to create a well-working and visually pleasing layout, keeping all elements aligned, where they should be.

What broken grid does is the complete opposite.

Now, you can mess the page up while using floating page elements (like text or images), placing them almost wherever you feel like. 

Inspirational website design trends 2019: Authority Pro theme

This is both one of my most and least favorite of these trends and here’s why.

While a broken grid layout looks unique and fun, many sites are not quite ready to handle it. When a starter decides to use such a trend for their site, they lack the knowledge to make it work.

For example, if your chosen WordPress theme offers a broken grid layout, make sure your page’s loading time is fast and it all functions on the mobile. Besides that, it’s important to inform yourself how to quickly eliminate any possible problems.

When the broken grid is used incorrectly or overused design-wise, it becomes hard to read the page and understand its structure.

If it’d be up to me, I’d leave this broken grid trend for professionals only. But if you wish to use it as a starter, make sure to get the second opinion on its functionality.

Broken grid layout themes:

TREND #2: Minimalism

Minimalism has been a well-known trend for a while, especially, when it comes to website design. With more and more new features coming in, sometimes it’s just better to… take a step back and keep it simple!

Therefore, one of the website design trends for 2020 is making your site minimal. All parts of it need to have a clear purpose. The text has to be clear and easy to read. Images – a few or even none.

This is the trend for the brave!

It is not easy to keep your site minimal, bold AND effective. Unless you have a clear understanding of what is your brand’s message and what you are going for with your site.

Minimal layout WordPress themes:

TREND #3: Bright colors

If minimalism is not your cup of tea, you can always go for another outstanding trend – bright colors!

(Also, minimalism in style CAN be combined with bright colors in the execution)

Inspirational website design trends 2019: Milan Pro theme

Using bring, brand-aligned and unique colors (as unique as colors can be) is a great way to drive the attention, deliver your message and make sure you never get forgotten.

At the same time, it’s important to keep your color choices elegantly aligned. The worst thing is to combine all the colors, without the plan on how they’ll work together.

Usually, it is suggested to use no more than 3 colors per site. But the number can be increased if you really know what you’re doing!

It is also important to understand that colors might work for some sites better than others. For example, a portfolio site might find bold colors to be supportive and showing an additional dose of creativity while for bloggers it can be a distracting element, leading your reader away from the actual content.

TREND #4: Illustrations

Using sleek and modern illustrations truly is a wonderful trend!

If you manage to create unique, brand-aligned icons, your site can do a long way. It’s not only an excellent way to stand out but also an effective method to create easy to understand layout with a good user interface.

To make this trend work for you, make sure not to use stock icons that might make your site even more boring.

Check how StudioPress is using this trend on their site:

Inspirational website design trends 2019: StudioPress

You might find it hard to find a theme with illustrations ready to use – illustrations that’ll truly be what YOU need – therefore, do the search separately.

TREND #5: Oversized typography

Great typography is another way to tell YOUR specific story in a truly trendy way.

Some of the website creators might limit your choice to just some of the basic fonts. Therefore, it’s important to actually research a theme and a platform that’ll work.

Unique fonts go along with minimalism and boldness. But they also have to be brand-aligned, easy to read and responsive.

The best way to stand out with bold typography is by using it on your headlines and for other accents all over the page. Once again, don’t overdo it! Less is more. The unique typography will lose its effectiveness if you’ll overuse it. 

Custom WordPress website design

TREND #6: Video headers

With video becoming more and more popular on various social media, it also keeps evolving into website design trends.

Now, once again, I have to say – be careful with this trend! While adding a video header could be a huge deal maker for your site, it can also limit its usability.

First of all, the video you’re using must be high in its quality, relevant and professionally created. Adding a video just because is not a great idea unless you have a strong brand strategy related to this media.

Keep in mind that any site WILL get slower – sites loading screen will increase and for some users, it might even crash if they don’t have the necessary browser features to view the video.

At the same time, adding video as a part of your header or using it on the site elsewhere can add a very personal touch and give your users an instant willingness to know more or even make a purchase. 

If you’ve decided to make this step and use a video – how to find a theme that’ll support background video?!

First of all, many themes with a full-width background banner would also support video instead of a static image. Another way to go is to do the good old Google Search and look out for themes with a video header.

TREND #7: Lightness

Something along the lines of minimalism but a bit more versatile. The trend of lightness means using sophisticated simple colors, thin fonts, light images. This is especially popular among bloggers in fields like fashion or lifestyle.

Inspirational website design trends 2019: Elle theme

I personally think that most of such sites can be hard to read.

They do look elegant and this style is a good fit for many, but if you’ve decided to create a site based on this trend, make sure all of the parts are functional and easy to understand.

Very often lightness trend uses light colors as their accent color. For example, light gray or pink. The whole idea of the accent color is to stand out and such sites rarely make it work. This way, your buttons can stay unseen and your sales – nonexistent…

At the same time, there really are TONS of WordPress themes to choose from when it comes to this trend!

Light WordPress themes:

TREND #8: Playing with shapes, layers and shadows 

For a while, we thought that shadows and layers are gone for good. Flat design was rocking the world like there is no tomorrow. And yet, here we are, coming close to 2020 and seeing more and more shadow elements on websites.

The same goes for clean shapes. Straight forward design, as part of the minimalism trend, has taken a huge part in website design trends recently. However, now we can see more and more creative shapes and unusual use of page elements coming in.

Divi Doghnut Shop Layout by Elegant Themes - short

And it’s true that one of the website design trends for 2020 is layered website design. Playing with colors, layouts, shadows.

What else to keep in mind when building a site in 2020?!

Besides these website design trends for 2019, it’s also important to keep up with a few successful website requirements that live through time, for example:

  • Mobile-friendly design: make sure your chosen theme is responsive and it’s working well both on desktop & mobile!
  • White space: use enough white space to make your site easier to read and improve the flow of your layout
  • Users-first design: think about what your users want to see and make sure your site works for them
  • Effective e-mail opt-ins: creating a powerful e-mail marketing is a part of creating a website so don’t forget about those opt-ins!

Blog design trends for 2020

I hope these website design trends for 2020 have given you some new ideas to work with!

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    • ievalaicane
      February 26, 2020 at 12:38 pm

      Thank you for your kind comment! I absolutely agree that an effective web presence is very important 🙂

  • Aaron Starc
    March 13, 2020 at 11:55 am

    Minimalism is one of the finest web design trends that most website design companies are using for catering businesses demands. Neat and clean website designs are one of the highest demand in the market. Also, the voice search optimization is going to be one of the most important trends in this year and the next.

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    Awesome article! You’ve mentioned some very crucial steps. Oversized typography is a great tip, from experience this can totally turn a potential customer/client away from your business. Thanks for sharing!

    • ievalaicane
      July 29, 2020 at 8:19 pm

      Thanks for your comment, Ashely! Yeah, typography is definitely my personal favorite as well. Great for minimalistic solutions as well!


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