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How to create a website strategy for your business

Having a decent website strategy means that your website will be easy to navigate and will provide all the must-know information for anyone visiting. So how to create a website strategy for your business?


A website strategy is a detailed plan for your website’s functionality.

It will clearly state your website’s vision and purpose. This will let you achieve your goals more easily and you can use it as the base of any further decisions regarding your online space. And one thing is really clear – website strategy will make your website AMAZING. Because there’s nothing better than a thoughtfully created website.

The good news is – you can create your own website strategy. All you have to do is to mindfully answer the following 9 questions in 3 different categories.


Website strategy creation

CATEGORY #1: Goals & audience

Normally you have your goals and audience in your business plan – set and good to go.

But sometimes even the best businesses are lacking these things. They’re not so sure what is their website’s true purpose, their thinking about such things as bigger income or more clients.

But why have they created their website? What’s the goal of that? Also… for whom they are?

Their investors? Clients? Competitors?

So there are several questions to answer for this to be resolved!

  • Does your business have a clear marketing strategy? In case you’re lacking one, you should start with that! I’m not a marketer and can’t give you great advice on this, but I can surely say that it IS important. A marketing strategy will show you your goals, explain how to acquire them and what it takes to get things going!

Use it to understand what your website is meant for. What is its actual job to do?

  • Do you know what kind of audience are you trying to reach? Even great marketing strategy can miss one super important thing – what is your target audience? What are those people who will buy your services/products?

When you know your target audience…

Understand the most important things that any website should provide for them! Is your target audience looking for great quality? Bold and bright design elements? Simple and easy to understand navigation? Do they have time to scroll through pages to find your contact information?

  • Do you know what your audience is searching for on your website? Do you have the overall idea what is the first thing they click on? What are they most interested in? Whether it’s your blog and most popular blog posts or it’s your portfolio and service page. Are they more interested in your prices or in the number of your portfolio designs?

When you know what your audience is searching for…

Make it SUPER EASY to find. People are lazy, in general. People do not like to search for things, especially if they don’t have time. Adjust your Call To Action buttons (like “Buy Now!”) with your client’s needs! (If that’s what you’re trying to sell. If not… well… then you have to rethink it all over again!)

CATEGORY #2: Content & structure

Whoever is in your target audience, they have their thoughts, their needs, and their interests. Are you on top of these things?

Do you know what are their thoughts, needs, and interests? All your content has to be in harmony with it! Do you feel like you’re not the best at mind-reading & don’t feel really confident about these things? You can go through it step by step!

  • Is it easy for your visitors to find the content they’re looking for? We started talking about it previously when I wrote that you should make it easy for your visitors to find whatever they are looking for.  Now it’s time to make sure that even when their first choices are made, their actions lead towards the right destination!

When you know where your visitors should go…

Review your website’s information architecture.

At first, we all think that we’re writing and creating in a normal way that everyone can understand where they need to go to find the services they need. But you can’t imagine how actually hard it is for so many websites to dig through them and really find that one click you have to make!

Create simple and easy to understand flow through your website. Don’t give people too many options, they will get confused!

  • Is the content on your website relevant to your audience? Let’s imagine that you’re a copywriter, sharing your vacation photos on your blog and occasionally writing something about design or books. Is it relevant to your perfect audience that will want to buy your copywriter services? Maybe… in some cases! But most likely – not.

When you’ve decided what kind of the content to share…

Create a content strategy for your website! What, when and why should be shared? How will it drive you more leads? Should you add more blog posts or create better quality? All these decisions are super important for your business to succeed!

  • Is your offer and text clear and easy to understand? You might be writing tons of stuff for your blog and sharing links to your service page DAILY, but there are not people interested in what you’re offering. Why?! There could be several reasons for that, but one of the most important ones: your offer is not clear and your writing style is confusing…

When you’ve decided to review your writing style…

Rewrite your text in a web-friendly style that will be easy to understand for everyone. Whether your possible client has or doesn’t have time, whether this person know what specific design terms mean or doesn’t… It’s up to you to make it all easy for your clients to understand that YOUR service is the one that’s necessary for them!

  • Do you have a realistic website maintenance plan? Both for your content and offers. Can you manage to do it all? Will you have time for everything? Do you have ideas for as many blog posts are you’re willing to write? Won’t you dry yourself out?

When you are reviewing your websites maintenance plan…

Be honest with yourself and remember that you’re the only one who can actually keep your own website up to date, build more leads and drive more traffic in. Have you found the best way to manage your website? Plan out your time and your topics in advance!


Blog Creation Simplified 2020


CATEGORY #3: Design

The design is something I could talk about for DAYS. But let’s save that for later… It takes only 3 seconds for a person to evaluate your website – whether he/she will be willing to continue this visit or not. THREE SECONDS. Therefore, your design game has to be strong!

  • Do you have a brand guide for your business? A brand guide is overall design guidelines – what, when and how will be used for your business. It includes things like branding, web design and other additional topics related to your biz. It states colors, sizes, rules for using and so much more!

When you have a brand guide…

Use it for your web design! What kind of colors will be used? How much? What will be primary color? What kind of fonts will you use? Everything of this should be created according to your brand guide!

  • Does your business brand match your goals, your vision, and your personality? Your design doesn’t have to be just pretty. It has to be relevant to your values, to your likes to your style, after all! Consider the redesign process, if your answer is not positive!

If you’re considering redesign…

Use a great combination of what you love + what others like + what will work (and fits in some style guidelines!). That’s not chemistry, but you have to be mindful of the basics of successful design! Be sure to give this job to a professional designer, in case you’re not one.

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