How to use Facebook groups for marketing

What to do in Facebook groups

If you’re a creative entrepreneur of any kind, being a part of a Facebook group is a trend. But what’s the point if you really have no idea what you should do there and how can it help you? Here’s a simple Facebook group guide on how to get successful within them. 


When I just started hearing about all these supportive creative Facebook groups, I felt enchanted and wanted to be part of them all, asap. So I started joining one by one. There was a moment when I must have been in like 20 of them and getting no real deal out of it. This happened until the moment when I ditched most of them and decided to never come back.

I took a break in my social media presence which was really blissful for my business and came back with a new perspective. To do things slowly, to actually understand what I’m doing and what I’m going for here. To be consistent and just to find the point in the things I spend my time for.

Along the way, I decided to give FB groups another try. Here’s what I’ve learned about successful participation in Facebook groups!


How to use Facebook group for blog traffic


Getting started on Facebook groups

First of all, remember that start is always the hardest part! Take it step-by-step, don’t rush it and make it happen in the best possible way (as in – the way that’s the best for you!).

Choose wisely

There are TONS of groups now and many creatives are opening their own that has like 100 participants. Is it bad? Not always. But you have to be careful about where you put your effort in! How to decide which Facebook groups to join? Follow these steps:

– Check out suggestions from people in your niche. On Google or Pinterest you can find various articles with a list of the best Facebook groups to join. But not all of them will work for you right away…

– Read group guidelines before joining and understand what’s their point. There are many groups that won’t let you advertise, there are somewhere you’ll be able to post your blog posts weekly. There are groups that have a strict no-link policy and that are all about positive feedback. Don’t overlook these guidelines!

– Make sure to check out how many members there are. Groups that have less than 200 members may be passive and although their owner is trying to build it, it may take time for the group to be really active. (But it’s not always the case!) You should also be aware of groups that have more than 10’000 members. They might be too packed and if you want to stand out somehow, you shouldn’t join a group where there are new threads each minute.

– Search for groups with your perfect audience. Your main goal could be to find new clients, advertise your services and just to get your name out there. For that, you need to join groups where you’ll find your target audience!

Here are some of the articles you can check out to find Facebook groups to join. You can also take a look at the end of this article and see some of my favorites listed!


Schedule your participation

Look at these groups like part of your job. Schedule regular “check” in your daily or weekly calendar. Make sure to notice when groups have “Blog post day” / “Promotion day” / “Selling day” / “Helping day” or whatever these days may be. On them, people are posting their own resources without getting banned for links.

In group guidelines, there usually are some comments about day topics. Or, if not, just check the group to see the pattern. Most likely, group owner will be the one with this kind of posts so you can also write in a search bar their name and find relevant threads more easily.

How often should you be active on Facebook groups?
More IS better in this case but, at the same time, let’s keep in mind that no one has tons of time for this because, hey, we still have to run our businesses somehow.

My normal Facebook group routine looks something like this:
– I check in 2-3 times per day (morning/lunchtime/evening), keeping in mind that people are from different regions and activity may be neverending. This is time when I take active participation in these groups (commenting/liking/sharing) for like 15 mins each time;
– I have scheduled group “special days” when everyone is sharing some goodies not only for myself to put mine out there but also for longer FB group time: around 45 minutes x 2 per day to check what people are sharing, comment and also offer relevant things to them.

If you have more time on your hands, do more, but remember: SCHEDULE THIS! Why? Because you can get sucked up in this activity real’ fast… Before I started scheduling my Facebook group activities, there were times when I realize that I’ve spent an hour or more just for reading posts that are not even relevant to me… It’s like an addiction!

Improve your Facebook profile

When participating in Facebook groups, there’s a huge chance that people will check your profile for more info. Especially, your links and portfolio or anything alike. Make sure that your Facebook profile is not full of junk visible for everyone. Instead, it should be linked to your Facebook page, if any, or at least – show your website link. 

Now Facebook has added a section called “Introduction” which appears above the rest of the info. Great for entrepreneurs who can shortly describe their offer and services!


Master Your Pinterest


What to do in Facebook groups?

Joining gazillion groups and being inactive in each one of them will give your participation no meaning. I bet, you’ve asked yourself several times HOW the hell, people get successful with Facebook groups?!?! So here’s the answer (more than one, actually…).

Choose 2-3 groups to be active in

First of all, you will spend TONS of time if you will try to be all over the place. Get back to that “Choose wisely” part and really make a decision about joining maybe 5 groups and after initial research decide on 2-3 where you can and want to be active.

Stay consistent

Don’t start being active in them and then disappear for a month. Facebook, just like everything else, will give you results if you will stay consistent. That’s why it’s so important to schedule this participation in your daily calendar!

Find your tribe

When you have decided on groups to participate in (or you’re just making this decision) – it’s important to feel like you really are part of this community. Why so? Because that’s how you can be truly supportive and truly happy for other achievements. There’s no use in just being there, you should feel like you’re supporting your family. If you haven’t found this feeling, you might need to find another FB group! No kidding here, guys. I have been part of many groups, as I already mentioned, but only on few I actually cared about people and felt like they care about me.

Solve people problems

When you’re on FB groups, scroll through the feed to check what kind of topics they’re talking about. Can you help? Great! Do that! Share your opinion on which logo will be the best, help out with your Squarespace experience or tell them how you started freelancing. This will:

– Show your expertise;
– Make them notice you;
– Give them more information about who you are & what you’re doing with your life.

Answer with blog posts

I was surprised how many blog posts I already have about topics people are interested in. That’s an amazing way to get your blog posts out there because they’ll reach not only one person but also everyone else who might research the same topic later on.

Participate in weekly promo feeds

Almost every Facebook group has a weekly promo feed, some even more than one. Be prepared – they might get craaaaazy! But it really IS a great way to show your offer.

You might feel like everyone is just posting and not caring. There are Facebook groups where 3-4 comments per minute appear on topics like this. But in active Facebook groups, all of these people also take a time to scroll through the comments and actually check out what’s happening. Some might see 3-5 comments above theirs but there are tons of people who scroll through the whole comment feed (for example, me right here).

Don’t miss the collaboration feeds

Not only promo is a thing on Facebook groups! Many creative entrepreneur groups also have a thing called Collaboration days when you can comment on one post and find people who’d like to work with. Whether it’s guest blogging, product try-outs, review writing or anything alike – it’s a gold mine! You can not only find people who might need your services but also find great partners and friends.

Post weekly advice and share your experiences

Let’s not forget that Facebook groups are not only about asking questions and trying to solve your own problems (or sell your own services). It IS an amazing place where you can show others your expertise and let them know that you’re the one who knows stuff. How to do that? There are several ways besides commenting on other people threads.

– You can decide on a topic and share weekly advice regarding that. Let’s say, post with 100-200 words + illustrative photo about how to rock your Pinterest. Anything your topic related! (Make sure not to post any links in your text or on your photo, it is not allowed in most of the groups!)
– Share inspirational (self-made) quote or tip photo or maybe even a short video on topics others might find relevant


Other ideas for Facebook groups

– Research them to find topics you can write about;
– Find friends, collaborators, partners in crime or just someone who could support you in your decisions;
– Learn about new ways how to build a business from other experiences. Be open-minded! Not everyone does things the same way.


1. Choose wisely in which groups you want to spend your time in;
2. Schedule time for Facebook groups and comment on them with consistency;
3. Prepare your profile for others to see it;
4. Find community in a Facebook group, be supportive and honest;
5. Share your knowledge and experience with others;
6. Participate in Promo & Collab threads.


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