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Full guide to WordPress Page Builders

Full guide to Wordpress Page Builders

Getting started with WordPress can be very time-consuming if you have no idea what you’re doing. I have prepared this full guide to WordPress Page Builders to give you an insight into the most popular way to design a WordPress website! So what is a WordPress Page Builder and how to use it? 


WordPress is the most popular website creation platform. It provides plenty of options to build any kind of website, starting from blog to e-commerce shop or even a membership site. 

While most starters are afraid of the rather big learning curve that awaits, learning how to use WordPress is absolutely worth it for any blogger, creative and business owner.

There are quite many components that hold a WordPress website together, for example:

  • Hosting
  • WordPress platform
  • Theme and/or Page Builder

The scheme here is quite simple tho. Once you get hosting, you can install WordPress and get access to the WordPress platform. From there, you just need to purchase either theme and/or Page Builder to set up your site’s design!

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Full guide to WordPress Page Builders


What is a WordPress Page Builder? 

WordPress Page Builder is a tool that helps you to design your website. Any WordPress Page Builder comes as a plugin to install on your WordPress site.  

Most common WordPress Page Builders give you Drag & Drop feature. This means that you can easily edit your page’s layout by just moving elements all over the page. 

With WordPress Page Builder you can edit page elements, move them around, edit any text, update colors, create galleries and way beyond. 

How to get a WordPress Page Builder?

There are 2 ways to get a WordPress Page Builder:

  • In some cases, you will get it along with a purchased WordPress Theme
  • It’s also possible to buy a page builder alone. Some of them come with a variety of WordPress themes to use. 

So how to know which option to opt-in for? 

Generally, if you want to purchase a WordPress Page Builder alone, they are quite more expensive. 

For example, Divi Page Builder comes with layout/theme variations within it but the price for this builder is $89/year or $249/one time purchase. Genesis Framework offers an option to purchase a theme with their Framework included and it costs around $129/per theme. 

Cheaper options include, for example, purchasing a theme from 17th Avenue Designs along with Genesis Framework included for around $45. 

Why such price difference? Because the theme creators offer “nonofficial” themes, created by themself, while theme shops offer “official” themes built by themselves. Is there are a real difference? No! As long as you like the theme itself.

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Now, let’s take a look at the best WordPress Page Builders to consider! 


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Review of the best WordPress Page Builders 

WordPress Page Builder #1: Elementor

As a website designer, I absolutely root for Elementor as the easiest and most convenient page builder both for starters and professionals. While you can fully use Elementor FOR FREE and build a great site with their free elements, Elementor Pro gives you even more great widgets that can take any website to the next level. 

I have tried all of the mentioned page builders, most of them for more than one website but I always come back to Elementor. 

Which is the best WordPress page builder for creatives

What are the differences between Elementor Free & Pro? 

Elementor Free has all the must-have widgets to build any kind of website. Therefore, you could just as well use Elementor Free forever!

However, Elementor Pro gives 30 additional widgets to make the site even more stunning! Including more features like the pop-up builder and similar.

Elementor is really intuitive, you can easily update desktop and mobile versions as per your liking, there are plenty of widgets to use and their code isn’t heavy and won’t slow down your website.

WordPress Page Builder #2: Divi

The second best option to consider is Divi Page Builder. The best feature of Divi is the fact that they have pre-made layouts ready for you to use. There’s no need to purchase a theme, you can just use their layouts to create a stunning site. 

Which is the best WordPress page builder for creatives

Divi is extremely popular among creatives and small business owners.

If you are considering Divi as your WordPress Page Builder, head over to Divi Page Builder review for more info!

WordPress Page Builder #3: Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework quite often is considered as the highest level of page builders. It has great functions and it’s proven to be a great tool! Along with that, the price range is also a bit higher than other builders.

However, Genesis isn’t always as easy to use as the first two – Drag & Drop editors. To update your theme, you might need to invest a bit more time than it would be with Divi or Elementor. 

WordPress Page Builder #4: WP Bakery

WP Bakery is like one of those old CD’s you’re still listening to from time to time. It’s a bit outdated and everybody is pretty much done with it BUT it still does the job. 

WP Bakery is a page builder that often comes along with many of the WordPress themes that can be purchased in theme shops like ThemeForest. 

While it’s a highly functional and overall nice page builder, compared to others it’s just not as fun or easy to use. 

Instead of Drag & Drop, you get Front-End and Back-End editors. Front-End editor gives you a chance to have a visual page editor, right on the website. However, it’s not always as effective and might be lagging. 

Back-End editor is fully functional and gives you an option to do almost anything with your website but there’s quite a bigger learning curve to use it properly. You’ll, first, have to understand your site’s structure and then you can edit all of the elements. 


Which is the best WordPress page builder for creatives


How to choose the best of WordPress Page Builders? 

Most page builders are quite similar and offer many rather equal features, which makes it even harder to make the choice. So how to choose the best WordPress Page Builder? 

Reasons to choose Elementor:

  • You can get started for free! Try it out and see if it works for you.
  • Bluchic has some great Elementor themes to get started with but you can also get some free layouts straight from Elementor! 
  • It’s easy to get used to! 
  • It has plenty of widgets and features to use, especially in Elementor Pro version.

Reasons to choose Divi:

  • It’s a very popular option between bloggers and online business owners, therefore, it has a great support community!
  • They offer a variety of layouts to get started with – easy for starters.
  • It’s visually pleasing and easy to use.

Reasons to choose Genesis Framework:

  • It has many unique features that other page builders might be lacking. However, it could also take more time to make the updates! 
  • The code it’s built on is very powerful and many developers stand by it. 
  • There are many Plugins created that are dedicated directly for Genesis Framework. 

Reasons to choose WP Bakery Builder:

  • Many themes are built on this builder.
  • It has almost unlimited customization options. 
  • If you’re not a Drag & Drop fan, this is a great alternative! 
  • Since this builder has been out for years, it has developed some bulletproof features. 

My best tip would be to follow your gut feeling – review these builders and what they can do, and choose the one that seems the most relevant and most interesting for you! There’s a money-back guarantee for all so you have nothing to lose.


Which one of WordPress Page Builders is your favorite?

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