The best WordPress theme review for bloggers

Finding the best WordPress theme for your blog can be quite a challenge. Therefore, I’ve gathered some of my favorites and created a WordPress theme review for bloggers.

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I’m a website designer myself and I’ve worked with WordPress for years. WP theme research is like a hobby of mine, therefore, I’m more than happy to present some of my favorite themes to you.

This blog post consists of two parts: in one I have reviewed my all-time favorite WordPress themes while at the end of the post you’ll find my most recent finds ( CHEAP! ). 

 The best WordPress theme review for bloggers

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Important features to have on a WordPress theme

Here are a few of the most important features to have on a WordPress theme:

  • Several Demo contents
    Having various Demo contents ready for your use will make it easier to get started, especially, if you’re not a designer yourself.
  • Versatile design
    It’s important to choose a theme that can live through times and improve along with your website.
  • Full customization
    If you’re spending your money to pay for a theme, make sure to have all the options you might need. If not now, then, at least, later on.

Besides that, it’s also important to have a responsive and SEO adjusted theme but these days most of the themes in a market are applicable for this.

Before making the final decision on which WordPress theme to choose, make sure to learn more about WordPress themes for starters and read tips on how to choose the best WordPress theme

Now, let’s get to the case!


Short overview of WordPress theme review for bloggers

The best themes for …

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WordPress theme review for bloggers: my all-time favorites

Keep in mind before getting started: for the theme pros & cons I have included either the best features of the theme for pros or some lacking features for cons – keeping in mind the specific theme only. This does not mean that other themes aren’t offering the same. Others just might have some other better features in stock!

Wordpress website theme Solstice


Price: $44
Pros: Bold yet simple
Cons: No Visual Composer or any other option to fully customize the theme

Such a simple and elegant WordPress theme! It’s very minimalistic and light and will do great for those who appreciate simple features. It’s one of my all-time personal favorites. Besides that, the price is rather low for all the offered details. A wonderful choice for any kind of a blog. At the same time, keep in mind that this theme does not provide blog builder that’d give full customization options.

Wordpress website theme CheerUp


Price: $54
Pros: Has a Visual Composer and various Demo options
Cons: It’s hard to name any…

This theme offers a few but uniquely different Demo designs, therefore, you can easily adjust it to any of your needs. It is simple, classic but with a unique twist. CheerUp offering multiple post styles which is a great feature for those who are picky about the design details. One of the top Blog/Magazine themes on WordPress.

Wordpress website theme Gillion


Price: $49
Pros: Easy to work with page builder with prepared templates
Cons: Some of the Demo designs might feel a bit outdated

This theme really has a lot to offer for bloggers. It’s not only very versatile, with unique layouts, but also offers an easy to use page builder with prepared templates. The prepared demos have their own unique approach, for example, rounded photo corners, unusual header styles and more! Each demo really is built for various blogger needs.

Julia, Theme by Pixelgrade


Price: Starting from $8.25/month
Pros: Beautiful layout with outstanding visuals
Cons: Some of the Demo designs might feel a bit outdated

Julia is a very modern and outstanding theme with a very impressive visual layout. It’s created as a theme for food bloggers but I’m absolutely sure it would work just as well for anyone who appreciates a good photography along with their blog posts: fashion bloggers, craft makers, lifestyle bloggers and definitely many others.

Wordpress website theme Belinni


Price: $49
Pros: Unique header styles
Cons: No Visual Composer or any other easy to use page builder

The first impression is a very feminine and light. Which is a rather unique approach for a blogging theme – This theme also provides the option to add a Shop and is customized for that. The theme will be perfect for those who don’t stress about the small details but appreciate an elegant and simple design.

Wordpress website theme Look


Price: $69
Pros: Drag & drop page builder
Cons: It seems that there’s a lack of header options

Although this is one of the most expensive themes for bloggers, it’s absolutely worth it. With many unique layouts and drag & drop page builder, this theme definitely is one of the best choices for bloggers.

Felt theme by Pixelgrade


Price: Starting from $8.25/month
Pros: Wonderful homepage with a variety of layout options
Cons: No easy to use page builder included

This is a great theme to use if you can’t decide between going for a blog or magazine look. Although the base of the theme is like a simple blog, various unique design elements make it feel high-end and able to hold various categories and give an easy-to-use interface.


Price: $59
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Only 3 demo options, no page builders available

This theme is exactly what it sounds like. It’s minimalistic, clean and very easy to use. If you don’t need tons of variations, Clean theme is one of the best choices to go with.

Wordpress website theme Suzette


Price: $13
Pros: Beautiful design
Cons: Lack of customization options

If you don’t need much but you’re up for a clean and fun blog design, make sure to check out this super budget-friendly option! It has some small graphical elements within the theme which make it easy to look at and creates a very enchanted feeling. It’s a great fit for those who are looking for simple yet effective options.


The newest themes in the market

Last update: April 2018

In this part of the WordPress theme review for bloggers, I’ve gathered some of my latest favorites – themes new in the market. Having a new theme for your blog might help it to stand out. At the same time – be careful when choosing themes from new sellers, some of them might just be trying things out…

The good thing: new themes have a rather budget-friendly price! Therefore, grab them while you can. And sorry if the price manages to change before the next update…

  • Mariann, $29 || Great, budget-friendly theme for bloggers. It’s really elegant and effective – the theme provides the big banner option, as well as many other unique features. An absolute catch, especially while they have launch price!
  • Hawthorn, $29 || Clean, simple and overall really stunning! Although this theme doesn’t provide full-customization options, I think it’s absolutely enough with what they have provided as sample designs. It’s wonderful!
  • Qualta, $29 || If you’re aiming for a high-class feel of your website and you’re blogging about rather serious topics, make sure to check this out! It has some really great features and more than enough variations to work with.


Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Although I hope you’ve found this WordPress theme review for bloggers useful and maybe even found your perfect theme, I totally get if it hasn’t happened for you just yet.

If you’re still seeking for your one and unique theme, make sure to check out Pixelgrade and ElegantThemes. Both of these are subscription based services which offer many unique theme options. I’ll make sure to come up with a closer look at both eventually.

For now, let me know if you have any WP theme related questions & I’ll be happy to help!

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