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6 Unique WordPress theme shops

Unique Wordpress Theme Shops

Nothing is nicer than supporting a fellow creative striving to make a living! Why should you support big WordPress theme shops when you can show your admiration for someone more local? Here’s a list of unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers that not only provide truly outstanding and creative theme solutions but will also make somebody do a happy dance on the other side of the screen!


Are you ready to update your WordPress website design but don’t know where to get started? Or maybe you’re setting up your blog just now and want to find a truly fascinating theme that will be the best fit for you?

You also could be like me – just extremely passionate to support fellow creatives by purchasing their products instead of shopping the wholesale

For that, I have gathered unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers.

Some of them are more branded and already got some relevance in the niche… Others have just started putting out their products. One I can guarantee for sure – the best way to get a unique WordPress theme is by shopping local.

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Where to find beautiful & unique WordPress themes for bloggers: unique WordPress theme shops


How to choose the best WordPress theme?

First of all, if you’re not fully familiar with how WordPress themes work, start with reading WordPress themes for beginners. This will cover the basics of must-know information for those who are just starting their website.

From there on, we move to the next big question: how to choose the best WordPress theme? 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure you LIKE the theme. This seems quite an obvious statement but it’s actually important that you really like the provided sample. In some cases, theme customization can be a bit hard, therefore, you should go for the theme that really speaks to you so you don’t have to do too much customizing it.
  • Ideally, it should have several demo content variations. Whenever you purchase a new theme, you get an option to install the demo content – make the theme look exactly like in the sample. More demo content variations mean more layout and style options. Mostly, all themes come with at least 2-3 demo’s but some of the small shops offer only 1 demo installation.
  • Check the page builder it was made with. WordPress Page Builders are the base of most of the websites. However, all of them work differently and some can be especially confusing for starters. My personal favorite is Elementor. It is easy to use and perfect for starters. Other popular names include Genesis Framework and Divi Page Builder. WP Bakery builder is widely popular, however, not as effective as other builders.
  • Align it with your budget. Purchasing a madly expensive theme just because it looks amazing might not always be the best bet if your budget is not meant for it. Be flexible and research more themes before making the final purchase!

Read more hacks to find the best WordPress theme.


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So where to find unique WordPress theme shops to choose from?


Unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers

WordPress Theme Shop #1: Code + Coconut

This shop is created by a passionate traveler and digital nomad, as you might’ve guessed because of the clever website’s title… Virginie, the creator of the shop, has experienced the struggles of coming up with a great site first-hand so she knows how to solve your problems!

Unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers: Code + Coconut

Code + Coconut themes are built with Genesis Framework. This means that besides purchasing the theme on their website, you also need to purchase the Framework!

The good news is, Framework is a great long-term investment and will be the base of your website for as long as you wish, even when you might want to change the theme.

All Code + Coconut themes follow the same layout but offer creative theme variations with simple elements that change the feeling of the page. Florence is my favorite!


WordPress Theme Shop #2: 17th Avenue Designs

17th Avenue Designs provide very high-class and elegant WordPress theme solutions.

Unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers: 17th Avenue Designs

Unlike most of the other small WordPress theme shops, 17th Avenue Designs have strived to create a variety of different designs that would be suitable for all kinds of blogs.

All of their themes have a nice color scheme, thoughtful layouts and creative design solutions. Besides that, they have provided several demos for each theme!

My absolute favorite is their new theme Mia.


WordPress Theme Shop #3: Pixel & Hue

Okay, talk about stunning and affordable WordPress themes! Pixel & Hue does the job PERFECTLY. It’s one of the very few WordPress theme shops where I just want to buy everything!

Pixel & Hue WordPress Theme Shop

Pixel & Hue offers WordPress themes, based on Elementor page builder. This means that after the initial Demo setup is done, you can easily edit the design details with a simple page builder.

Besides that, all of their themes are built with coaches and female business owners in mind. If you are creating a coaching website, you’ll definitely find your perfect fit within this WordPress theme shop.

It’s very hard to pick a favorite here but I’ll go for Adeline.


WordPress Theme Shop #4: Beautiful Dawn Designs

Light, feminine and easy to use themes is the baseline of Beautiful Dawn Designs.Unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers: Beautiful Dawn Designs

At Beautiful Dawn Designs website, you see it’s built by a content creator. And who else will know better the perfect design of a blog if not a blogger? If you want to support a fellow blogger, make sure to check out this unique WordPress theme shop.

My favorite WordPress theme from Beautiful Dawn Designs is Inspired – drive attention with this simple yet classy layout.


WordPress Theme Shop #5: Pixelgrade

Pixelgrade was one of the first small WordPress theme shops that I fell in love with.

Their themes are TRULY unique and each one provides creative design solutions.

Unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers: Pixelgrade

Around a year ago, I had great cooperation with this shop. That was when I learned how they have a small but dedicated team doing their best to provide inspiring WordPress theme solutions. Besides that, as life happens, now I’m living in their country of origin – Romania!

It’s hard to name my favorite theme of their shop since I would adore all of them – each for a specific purpose! But this time, I will go with Felt as my favorite of this WordPress theme shop.


WordPress Theme Shop #6: Bluchic

Bluchic is already a well-known name in the blogging community, however, I decided to include them in this list of unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers because I’m pretty sure they still do that happy dance for each new purchase made!

Unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers:Bluchic Themes

Bluchic is a theme shop founded by a team of wife and husband. They build their themes on Elementor which makes them extremely easy to use for those who don’t have much of the experience with WordPress.

Bluchic themes are created for online business owners and bloggers. You’ll find your perfect fit whether you’re an online coach, digital product creator, freelancer or content writer!

My personal favorite from this unique WordPress theme shop for bloggers is Isabelle.


That’s it for this time!

Do you have any other unique WordPress theme shops for bloggers in mind? Share them in the comments!

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