What to keep in mind when choosing WordPress theme

Having a WordPress website is the most efficient ways to start your online presence. Whether it’s a blog, online portfolio or product shop – WordPress is your buddy! Choosing WordPress theme is one of the first things you’ll have to do and it’s also one of the most important ones! Therefore, I’ve written this guide for you with all the things to keep in mind when choosing WordPress theme.

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If you’re looking forward to getting started, make sure to read these:

Where to get started?

In this article, I’ve described the first 5 steps you have to take when you start a new website. This includes having a hosting and setting up a new WordPress installation. It’s easy, don’t worry! The next up is a choice of the WordPress theme.

Starter guide to WordPress themes

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The theme basically is the style/design your website will be built upon. And there are tons of themes to choose from! Here’s what you should know about WordPress themes as a starter. But if you’re ready to make the decision, let me advise you on what are the things you should pay the most attention to.

What to keep in mind when choosing WordPress theme

WordPress themes can be found on various websites. For example, theme shops like ThemeForest of MyThemeShop or websites like CreativeMarket or Etsy. I personally suggest the first two since the themes are a bit cheaper over there and authors, usually, are a bit more trustful.

When choosing, make sure to check the following:

1. Your chosen theme should have several DEMO contents

Unless you have development skills or you are super tech-savvy around WordPress themes, make sure to have at least several Demo contents in the offer.

Demo content means that the website will be set up all pretty and nice, just the way you see it in demo samples, which will give you the option to still make any changes you want BUT the whole base will already be there.

And this is super important! You have to actually LIKE these demo contents. Not only in a “yeah, I might go with this” kind of manner but like “DAMN, I LOVE THIS!”. And the reason is rather simple – although you can change most of the parts of the demo content, you’ll never know when you won’t be able to change something or when the changes you had on your mind will look like a complete crap.

So make sure to choose themes with at least several demo contents.

Another tip: the theme shouldn’t have TOO many demo options. You know the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”… And the same goes for choosing WordPress theme. If you’re building Shop, search for Ecommerce themes. If you’re building a portfolio, go for portfolio, etc. A theme that’ll cover it all might not be as good as the one that’s focusing on one specific field only.

Unless you are super tech-savvy around WordPress themes, make sure to have at least several Demo contents for your chosen theme. Click To Tweet


2. Drag & Drop or Visual Composer editor can be a huge advantage! 

Most of the WordPress themes have either one of them but there can be some outdated options or rather simple themes without any of these. If you don’t feel a¬†need to have a fully customizable theme, you can survive without these editors. But it’s good to have them!

Drag & Drop option is easier, so choose a theme with it if you want to get things done easily and rather fast. It really is what it sounds like. To edit your website, you have to Drag & Drop all kinds of page elements: text, images, banners, empty space or any other elements you might want to have there. Demo content will have it all in place for you but in case you’ll want to change something, Drag & Drop is a good option to have!

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I personally love working with Visual Composer but it does take some technical knowledge. Visual Composer is a website builder that lets you work on the backend of your website without twisting your mind too much, as long as you get how it works. If the theme offers Visual Composer – you will have to know a bit more about it to understand how to make any adjustments.

Basically, your website consists of Blocks, Columns and Rows. In each Row, you can have separate Columns in different sizes. In each Column, you can add Block. Either it’s Text, Header, Image, WooCommerce product preview, Recent Blog posts or anything else. Watch a Youtube tutorial or two and you’ll get the idea!


3. Make sure to pick it in a decent price range

Usually, it’s not really worth paying more than $59 – $70 per theme. If the theme costs more, it either has to be SUPER FREAKING AMAZING AND INSANELY UNIQUE or you really can find something cheaper.

Most of the rather simple themes are sold within $29 – $39 price range. Cheaper than that might be another trouble.

Most of the themes over $39 are full of various options you might want to use. At the same time, if too many options is a trap for you, make sure to stick with rather a cheap theme (up to $49) which will be all set up for you already.

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4. Your theme HAS to be responsive

I think most of the themes have this written almost along the title. It seems so obvious but it’s also super crucial! MAKE SURE that the theme IS responsive.

Having a responsive theme means that its design and functionality won’t be bothered by different screens and it will always work and look pretty. It’s really hard to imagine a theme that is not responsive these days. And in big theme markets like ThemeForest or MyThemeShop this wouldn’t be a big bother. But if you’ve decided to purchase a theme from a smaller source, double check this feature!


5. Check out the Author of the theme

This is another important point to get a good working theme. In theme shops, like the ones I mentioned before, each Author has a rating or some kind of a review system where you can see how the theme has worked for others.

Yes, sometimes there are new creators selling their themes, without any reviews at all. That’s exactly what you should stay away from. I don’t want to discourage new creators but for you, as a website owner, it’s important that the theme comes from a trustful source.

Besides that, all themes have to be updated. Most of the private theme creators don’t do these updates or eventually just forget about them…

Here are a few things you should check:

  • Author is a well-known creator with many other themes
  • Author has good reviews/references
  • The theme has good reviews/references
  • There’s additional support for theme setup or documentation


6. Pay attention to the general theme info

Usually, along with the themes, there is a list of general info, for example, the latest update info, compatible browsers and additional comments that you might find useful to know. As long as all the information is stated and you don’t see something super outdated over here, it all should be fine!

Now you’re all set and good to go! Choosing WordPress theme is a responsible task to do but don’t get intimidated. After all, most of the theme authors offer theme documentation which explains most of the things you need to know about the theme. You can also always hire someone to set up a theme for you and make the general setup.

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Suggested WordPress themes

I’m doing a lot of theme research for my clients so here are a few of my recent favorites.

P.S. Keep in mind that theme authors have the chance to update the price of the theme anytime so they might be different from the ones mentioned in the following list.


  • SOLOPINE – A great theme seller for bloggers. Personalized and elegant themes for all kinds of blogs.
  • LOOK // $59 One of my all-time favorites! Simple yet super effective and offering tons of beautiful variations.
  • BELLINI // $45 A wonderful magazine-style theme for those who want outstanding and fun blog design.
  • TEATIME // $29 Unique, budget-friendly and very responsive WordPress theme for bloggers!
  • TYPOLOGY // $49 Text-based theme. If minimalism is your thing and blogging is your passion, make sure to check it out!
  • TRAVELOG // $59¬†A beautiful theme created for travel bloggers.
  • BINGO // $59¬†If you’d like to create your website more like a magazine, make sure to check out this stunning option!
  • MYTISQUE // $49¬†Yet another wonderful magazine-like theme with tons of wonderful layout options!
  • NEWSMAX // $29 A cheaper variation for a magazine theme if you’re on a tight budget!
LOOK theme, $59


  • DANTE // $49 My favorite from Portfolio themes! Modern, simple and effective!
  • GRAND PORTFOLIO // $59 Beautiful theme for an¬†outstanding portfolio with impressive imaginary.
  • MINIMALIST PORTFOLIO // $59 If you’re a creative minimalist then this theme is the perfect fit for you!
  • WERKSTATT // $39 More budget-friendly option for a creative and outstanding portfolio solution.
  • ARGENTA // $59 A unique and outstanding way to show off your portfolio & let people know about your offered services!
Dante theme, $49


  • UNERO // $49 Unusual and unique solutions for your ecommerce website. Simple, elegant but fun! My favorite from Ecommerce themes.
  • VITRINE // $49 Great ecommerce theme with various Demos to choose from. You’ll definitely find yours in here.
  • WOODMART // $59 If you’re planning to build a rather classical style online store, this theme should be your pick!
  • LUCKYSHOP // $59 Simple & elegant! All one shop might need.
  • UX SHOP // $79 If you’re searching more outstanding and unique option, here it is!
  • ARTEMIS // $59 When classy and minimalistic is your top choice, this theme will be your perfect fit.
Unero theme, $49


Are you experiencing dilemma or would like some additional help? Let me know, I’ll be happy to chat!

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