To start successful work on your project and not to waste your own precious time, the workflow for your infoproduct creation is important. SUPER IMPORTANT. Therefore I’m here to share some tips and tricks about how to create a workflow for your online infoproduct creation process!

Until recently, my online course creation process was A MESS. But then I realized: I have no time and I have to do something. So I came up with a consistent and powerful plan how to work through everything that’s necessary for my process. Here’s some insight for you to get your project going!

Infoproduct creation workflow: how & why to make one

Infoproduct creation workflow: how & why to make one

Just like with anything in life, following a consistent and powerful path will make your process easier, your results more successful and the workflow – better! But how to build a process that will work for you? Here are some ideas you can follow!


First of all, you should decide about one place where you will write down EVERYTHING that’s related to your project. For me it’s Evernote. I’ve made a notebook for this project and notes for every occasion. It’s pretty hard to be on top of all ideas right away. I’d suggest not to rush and create new notes/notebooks along the way, as you feel them coming in and you have such needs. Other than that it’s possible that you’ll create many useless notes and will get lost in all that (true story).

For others, a good old paper notebook can work, for some – Word or Notepad. You can get some more ideas for this in my previous post: E-book creation for starters. There you’ll get some ideas about what writers use to write down their ideas.

Make it easy to access: on your desktop, phone, in your bag or whatever, because ideas will kick in while you’re in the strangest situations.



Before starting with anything: you should create a plan. It’s up to you, whether you’ll write down each smallest step you’ve planned or just sketch some outline of what you’re going to do. Whatever rocks your boat!

The best option for this would be to make a poster out of this and put it whenever you will see it ALWAYS. That’s an amazing way to keep yourself on track.

I did several different plans to ease up my workflow:

  • Overall monthly plan (as a poster) for the next year, including all of my projects, their launching & starting months, time for tryouts, etc.;
  • Detailed E-course plan in my Evernote, covering everything: all the modules or main titles to work with, including topic for each lesson;
  • Detailed E-course schedule to cover all of the possible timings and plan out how my workflow will go!



When creating a plan or schedule, don’t forget all the small details that don’t seem as obvious at first. You have to understand what you will be able to do on your own and what you might have to outsource.

Try to walk through all the process from a perspective of a creator, as well as E-course participant.

You have to be well aware of your platform, design, content, marketing, incomes, taxes. Guest experts, community chat, Facebook group, any freebies or physical material you can get out there. Be mindful about your schedule, copyrights, photo materials. THERE ARE TONS of things to think about. Give yourself some time to think it all through and realize how much work it all will take.



There are several things to think about before creating a strong workflow:

  • Where and when you will be able to work;
  • What are the tasks you have to do before starting;
  • What are the tasks that can be left out in case there is not enough time;
  • What are the things you might need along the way (books, printer, advice);
  • What should you start with?

When you’ve answered all of these questions, you know when and how you will do the job, so the rest is up to you: get up and start working!

You might forget some small parts along the way, something will get messed up and you WILL make many decisions that you won’t feel satisfied with afterward. Prepare yourself for all that! Don’t be hard on yourself and appreciate your own time.

Take it step-by-step. Task-by-task. If something comes in your mind – write it down. But don’t try to do it all at once.

If you have your plan, your schedule, and your workflow, including a place to work and time when to do that, you’ll be able to create an amazing product in no time!

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