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How to start working from home?

How to start working from home

More and more people are seeking opportunities to turn their existing careers or experience into home-based income. How to start working from home? In this article, I’ll explain how you can start working from home by choosing any of these profitable online income ideas!

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There can be many reasons to start working from home. Some people feel stuck in their office jobs, others are stay-at-home parents ready to bring some additional income to the household or students just out of the university seeking some successful ways to earn money online…

In 2020 there’s another big reason hanging over our heads – Covid-19 or so-called Coronavirus that has eliminated hundreds of thousands of workplaces all over the world…

And you probably have a question in your mind “could I start working from home???”

Yes, you can!

No matter your situation – if you’re ready to learn how to start working from home, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will give you several profitable online income ideas. None of them are fast or easy. And none of them will enroll in your bank within a few days. Most of these ideas take long, dedicated work to make consistent income. However, all of them are SO worth it!

I’ve been location independent for years and I have never had a 9-to-5 job. It took me a lot of trial and error to find out what’s really working and where it’s smart to invest my time. Here are some ideas that’ll give you the inspiration on how to start working from home.

If you’re more interested in location independent income instead, make sure to check out Digital nomad income ideas.

*This blog post includes affiliate links.

How to start home-based online business

Before getting started…

First of all, my suggestion is to strongly consider starting a blog if you haven’t done that already. If you have a serious intention to start working from home – more often than not, a well-established blog can be an amazing asset to use for it.

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It’s not an obligation and you can also establish a successful online business without a blog, using other marketing channels. But, as already said, a blog can be a great asset.

Here are just a few of the perks of having a blog:

  • Content marketing. Whatever you might sell, it’s always easier to market if you can use content marketing.
  • Linking options. Link your blog to your products, your affiliate links, link it to ads or anything else that might be profitable for you.
  • Connections. Blogging and getting into the blogging community can bring you tons of great connections!
  • Your skill or product showcase. You can write about whatever you’re selling, you can use your blog as part of your portfolio, etc.
  • Community building. Having a blog makes it easier to build a mailing list. And money is in the list!

How to start working from home

STEP #1 Decide what are you good at or what you want to learn

Many people find it difficult to actually acknowledge they’re good at something…

But this is where we get started!

Consider things like:

  • What skills do you have?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What did you like to do in the past?
  • What are the things you’re interested in?

Let me say you this. Everything is possible. I got into freelance designing with NO knowledge of design AT-ALL. I was the worst drawer in school. I was creative but I never thought I’d be an artist. And I’m not being one of those who just don’t see their actual talent. I really mean it – art was something very distant for me.

But I got interested in it. I started reading books about color theories. Watching Youtube videos about Photoshop. Created tons of terrible designs just to understand what are the most important things to learn and practice. And within a few months from getting started, I actually monetized my new skill

Therefore, don’t be afraid to get into something you might not have skills or experience it.

For example, Skillshare is offering 2 months for FREE for all of their premium online courses. From design and marketing to productivity and cooking!

At the same time, it IS easier to start with something you know. But which path you take depends on you…

Side note: you can move through this process more than once. You can build a business out of more than one idea. Therefore, don’t overthink it. Move with your instincts and what your heart pumps for. There is no one right way how to start working from home. You really have to find your own path!

STEP #2 Brainstorm how you can make your ideas profitable (you’ll find a helpful list later in this article)

To understand how to start working from home, you need to take what you’re good in (or want to learn!) & it’s time to figure out how to get money for it.

Later in this article, you’ll find a list of various profitable income ideas. But, for now, I suggest considering your own ideas… For example,

  • If you’re good at crafts… would you like to open a shop? Send out orders, based on specific requests? Could you turn it into merchandise?!
  • If you’re into writing… would you be interested in writing books? Maybe you can help online entrepreneurs with their online course content? Or you can build a course in writing?!
  • If you’re interested in web design… would you like to be a freelancer? Build your own design shop? Or maybe come up with your own design agency?

Aim high! But start with clear intention.

STEP #3 S T A R T. Keep the momentum going. Do something.

The biggest problem people have is overthinking. What do I need? How do I start? Where to begin!? What will happen next? How to prepare?? 

In my article about how to create an online product in 24 hours, I’ve written the same: It’s important to keep the momentum going once the idea hits you.

Therefore, before anything else is figured out, the most important part is to actually get started.

You don’t always have to succeed with your very first steps. They don’t have to be very strategically-smart moves. You just have to ride the wave.

Just a few samples you can get started with:

  • Learn. Find tutorials to work with. Do trials. Don’t get stuck in trying to get perfect. But explore the field and let your creativity roar.
  • Create a website or start a blog (you can grab my Blog Creation Simplified guide for some help!)
  • Write a blog post or a few of those, start publishing, seek guest blogging options
  • Start a Facebook page, Pinterest or Twitter account
  • Get the list of people you can offer your services to

Most of these things will change and improve along the way but it’s psychologically smart to grab the idea and be all over it, as much as you can, at the very beginning.

If you are ready to just get started and build a website today, start writing a blog tomorrow and open your shop day afterward – go-for-it!

It’s time to start doing instead of planning.

STEP #4 Come up with a more in-depth plan

After you’ve started the basics, it’s time to come up with a more in-depth business plan. Don’t get scared off just because it sounds hard. It’s just part of the deal you’ve signed up for!

This can happen day, week or month after you’ve started and have worked on STEP #3 – doing. It’s important to create a more in-depth plan as soon as possible BUT only when you already have some understanding of what’s happening in the field you’re trying to get in.

Therefore, before creating a business plan, find resources to learn from. Books, podcasts, blogs. You don’t have to know it all. Most of the things we all learn and re-learn in the process. But it’s helpful to understand what’s going on in the industry. That’s also the reason why doing before planning is important. That way, you see the actual status in the field.

Join Facebook groups where you could ask questions for people who might have more experience than you.

And after you’ve established some understanding of what you’d need to succeed, write it all down. It will take a while to figure it all out and there definitely will be parts of the plan you’ll have no idea of at this moment. But writing down as much as possible can be a huge help in the long-run. And, once again, you can always improve, change and adjust along the way.


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STEP #5 Focus on what’s important to get the money rolling in

Having a full plan is helpful and fun but it’s also scary. When you have an insane amount of to-do’s, it’s easy to get distracted from what you actually have to do to get started.

Once you have decided how to start working from home, you should be EXTRA focused.

Let’s say, you’ve decided to be a freelancer. Your main goal is to get your first client. Therefore, all your initial efforts should be based on this need. Research and figure out which ways to get new clients might be the most effective for you. And work on that.

If you want to establish a brand and open a shop, your initial goal is to get the product out there so you have something to sell. Therefore, work on the product. There’s no need to market, write blog posts or place Facebook ads if you have no products to sell.

Be realistic about what YOUR business needs. These needs will change eventually and each new week and bring new goals on your list but that’s why it’s important to stay focused and see what you need to get done NOW to move forward efficiently.

Profitable online income ideas

Here’s an important thing to remember when you’re learning how to start working from home.

There are tons of people out there offering opportunities that seem great but, in reality, they’re pretty… well… scammy.

Therefore one of the best ways how to start working from home is to take it in YOUR OWN HANDS. And here are some profitable online income ideas that’d help you to do so.

IDEA #1 Sell other people products

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be A VERY profitable source of income. Usually, when thinking about affiliate marketing, people think of cents per sale. When in reality you can make at least $20 – $50 per referral, even in returning monthly commissions. But be smart about it! Choose affiliate programs related to your specific niche and your audience.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require ANY initial money investment (don’t fall for programs that ask you to pay first…) 

For example, on Ultimate Bundles, you can promote their super valuable course + eBook bundles for very affordable pricing. It’s the perfect affiliate program for many because their bundles offer photography, productivity, gardening, homeschooling and all kinds of other topics. This means that you can always find something that’d be a great fit for you.

Learn more here > All you need to know about becoming a successful affiliate


Dropshipping means buying something cheap and selling it more expensive, by keeping the profit. Although it might seem like a thief kind of scheme, it’s actually not. Dropshipping is a very popular selling method these days. And if you’d love to have your own shop but have nothing to sell – consider it!

IDEA #2 Freelance or work remotely by selling your skills


Freelancing is how I got started and I consider it to be one of the easiest ways how to start working from home. Either you have any skills or you don’t, it’s easily possible to find a niche you want to work in, learn & practice if necessary and start searching for your first clients. Make sure to check out Upwork if you want to get started.

Working remotely

Remote working is different because very often it includes a long-term contract with one firm, instead of per-project contracts as freelancing does. Therefore, it’s harder to get a remote job AND you must have skills and proven experience. If you’re willing to work in a field you already have been in for a while, definitely consider searching for a remote position. Here you can learn more about why people choose to work remotely.

IDEA #3 Sell your own  digital products

Platforms like Teachable and Podia make it extremely easy for new product creators to set up and sell their digital products.

Online courses

Although there are tons of various e-products you could sell, my personal favorite is online courses. It’s an amazing option to share your knowledge for the price that’s affordable to others but also profitable to you. If you’re interested in course creation and selling, make sure to understand that this also includes growing your audience and working with marketing a lot.

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eBooks might be seen as a not-so-profitable niche to get into. At the same time, if you have a book idea and you want to make it happen anyway – why not give it a try? There are more than enough amazing samples with people who have written a book about their passion and it’s grown so huge that their whole careers are based on it! You’ll find some eBook creation tips for starters here!


Create themes, apps, designs or literally anything else digital that you can or want to create. For example, if you’re a developer, you can easily start building WordPress themes and sell them either on your own shop or sell through bigger theme platforms. You can also build and sell apps, open design shop or literally anything else you put your mind to.

Create a subscription service

One of the best ways to earn passive income online is by creating a subscription service. We can see many variations of these online: many services we use are subscription-based (email marketing, social media scheduling, cloud drive, etc). At the same time, there are various user libraries that can be accessed based on subscription. It can be a resource library with stock photos, graphic design templates, there’s even one for WordPress themes. Therefore, once again, you can easily create something that aligns with your own skills and interests.

IDEA #4 Sell your own physical products


If you’re into crafts, it’s time to monetize this hobby of yours and take it to the next level! Whether you knit scarves, create jewelry, cut wood or do anything else – it definitely can turn out to be an amazing business idea! You can sell on Etsy, create a shop in Shopify, use eBay, Amazon or any other platform, including adding a shop on your own website.

This definitely will be very time-consuming since, unlike digital products, you actually have to continue making products as long as you have clients. But, hey, if it’s something you’re passionate about – why not?!

Products or clothing

Another category would be to take it one step further and produce any kind of products or clothing. In this case, most likely, it wouldn’t be a craft anymore. This could include actual manufacturing, packing, etc. It’s definitely whole another level of a business idea but nonetheless – absolutely possible if you have an amazing product on your mind!

IDEA #5 Monetize your online presence

Be influencer

Being a social media influencer definitely isn’t a typical path to consider when you’re thinking about how to start working from home. But it can be worth looking into! Basically, it can be anyone with decent social media following.

Currently, we see most of the influencers on Instagram. Being a social media influencer means be adding products in your photos, telling about them in stories, tagging, etc. Influencers get paid for putting the products in their photos, using them, writing about them and mentioning them in any possible way. While this might feel like very fragile as a business idea, if you can make it – it can pay off big time!

Work with sponsored posts

Another related idea is working with sponsored posts. Bloggers usually do this as a part of their blog monetization strategy. At the same time, it can easily be a base of the business just as well, if you have a decent reader number on your blog and you’re interesting for sponsors – a lot like an influencer – you can easily work with sponsored posts as a base of your business.

As you can see, there really are many different ways how to start working from home and build your own online business. I really suggest following your intuition. Many successful online business owners combine several of these ideas in one successful business.


Do you have any questions on how to start working from home? Leave them in the comments!


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