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Turn your knowledge into
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Your path to successful online course creation from the idea to passive income!

You have the knowledge and experience, you just can't figure out the best way to package it.

You want to create a stunning product but have no idea where to get started...


What if you could...

Turn your experience into passive income. No matter what is your background, your experience CAN provide you with constant passive income.

Help more people. With online course creation, now you can help people all over the world, sharing your knowledge and wisdom with those well beyond your country borderline.

Create a course that gets sold. Imagine having a course the really cuts it and is loved. Imagine people being eager to learn from YOU!

Be in control. No more office hours. No more bosses. Be the master of your own strategy, business, money and time. Stop stressing and overthinking. Create a course that will

... from here on - always!

For the past years my focus has been on helping those who want to turn their careers into online income but don't have a clear guidance on how to make it happen.


Online course creation
  • Revi, job hunting expert with more than 18 year experience, turnined her recruitment experience into an online course on How to Find a Job Like a Pro;
  • Monica, a holistic health and lifestyle coach, made the transition from her live presentations to online courses;
  • Wendi, an entrepreneur and speaker, took her career one step further with online courses like Positive Habits 101;
  • Elly, turned her ex career as an Private Investigator into course on How to Find Love.

What ties all of these stories together? They all have the PASSION. The passion to turn their dreams into reality.

They didn't have all the knowledge or all the tools to make it happen. But they had a trust in themselves and a true willingness to find a way how to help more people with what they knew!

What you need is an actual plan and I have one!

I created many failed courses before I discovered that having a clear plan and taking it all in, step by step, leads to real results.

That was when I decided to turn this plan into an online course and share it with you!


A step-by-step guide to turning your knowledge into online course with a bulletproof course creation strategy.

  • Understand the basics of online course based business
  • Figure out which skills to sell
  • Learn how to structure your course so it's easier to learn from
  • Get actionable design tips for your course's design
  • Follow a step-by-step setup guide to make it live
  • Learn useful marketing hacks

DISLAIMER: This is NOT "get rich easy" scheme. Neither it will happen fast. You will have to put in work, effort and patience to see the outcome. But I'm going to show you exact steps to take to make this happen.

Passive Income Simplified || Online course creation || Affiliate Marketing


Each lesson consists of actionable steps and ideas to build a successful online course.

Course Creation guide, Module 1 - Introduction
  • Introduction to the concept of Online Courses
  • Review of the Course Creation process
Course Creation guide, Module 2 - Content
  • How to choose the best topic for your course?
  • How many Modules and Lessons to create?
  • Presentations, videos, PDFs... what to create?!
  • Tips for a great content
  • Design features to work with
  • What design tools to use?
  • Design guidelines to keep in mind
  • The basics of a Sales page design
  • Introduction to Teachable: course creation platform
  • Guide to setting up your School and Course
  • A full picture guide to Sales page creation on Teachable
Course Creation guide, Module 5 - Marketing
  • Design features to work with
  • What design tools to use?
  • Design guidelines to keep in mind
  • The basics of a Sales page design
  • Introduction to Teachable: course creation platform
  • Guide to setting up your School and Course
  • A full picture guide to Sales page creation on Teachable

hi, i'm ieva!

I'm a blogger, freelancer and online course creator. I started blogging four years ago so I could travel the world while pursuing my passion of writing, designing and helping others.

The truth is, building successful passive income streams is HARD. The world of online business is challenging and requests a lot of work. But once you get the work done, the outcome can be absolutely stunning!

I have learned that you need to combine PASSION with FOCUS to make big things happen. And that's why I'm here!

After trying and failing, after experimenting with a variety of projects and learning from other online entrepreneurs, I'm here to share a bulletproof way to create several passive income streams that WORK.

“I’m reviewing all this amazing, amazing work Ieva did and just want to say WOW! I am blessed she helped me with her tips and expertise. Her work has helped me to get my business off the ground!”
Revi Goldwasser
Job Hunting Expert
"Ieva is a true professional. She took my ideas and ran with them and the end result was awesome. I would highly recommend learning from her expertise for the best final result possible!"
Dan Vegas
"Seriously hands down the most pleasant, communicative, skilled and helpful person I've ever worked with. Super grateful for her flexibility and warm personality, and most of all - her knowledge and skill level! "
Monica Hershaft
Holistic Health Coach


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