Master Your Sales

Do you ever feel like everyone is making consistent sales but you?

5 years ago when I came up with my first digital course, I MADE NO SALES

My next two courses made A FEW SALES each THROUGH SEVERAL YEARS

I continuously upgraded the courses, changed the lessons, added more info, changed their names… I changed my prices from hundreds to tens of dollars, hoping this would make the change.


Until I realized I need to MAKE CONNECTIONS before making the sales. 

To be honest, I didn’t even realize it as per se. I just started doing it and noticed a major shift. 

You can sell all you want but only meaningful connections will help you to be consistent and confident in your sales numbers.

How to create connections that last?

How to promote in a way that feels seamless?

How to do more than just an email blast here & there?

I’m not going to teach you how to make $10K in sales. 

I’m going to show you the exact steps to make your first $100. And then repeat it. 10 or 100x times – that’s up to you. 

This is not a mindset course. I’m all about action.

I will to give you step by step guides. Templates. Frameworks. Tools that you can use to move your income forward. Hundred by hundred by hundred.

This course is based on my winning strategy of making more sales:

Actively engaged and growing Instagram + small but passionate Facebook group

P.S. I made more sales in 3 months of starting my Insta + FB group than I did in the past 4 years… 

Two keywords here to notice is growing and small. In the moment of making this course, I have 1.5K Instagram followers & 300 Facebook group members. This is not a numbers game!


You already have a business started and/or you’re actively working on getting it up and running.

You’ve struggled to make consistent sales so far or, possibly, have never made any sales just yet.

Being one of those who makes successful sales daily seems a bit out of reach... (But also is a goal of yours!)

For the first 5 years in my business, I didn’t have an Instagram account because I just didn’t feel like doing what everyone else was doing. Oh boy, was I wrong. In the second month of having an active Instagram account, I made $1K in sales on Instagram alone. I had less than 500 followers at that time. 

And let me tell you a secret… I didn’t have a strategy! If I’d have the sales strategies I will be giving you here back then, who knows what could’ve happened.

Oh, and another one. I didn’t try too hard & I actually enjoyed the process and never really expected for those sales to happen!

It gets even better with my Facebook group. I was eager to but scared to get it started because of tons of reasons.

You can use my strategies as you please: mix & match, use them all now or make it your 5-year plan.

This course requires a commitment to make connections. But how exactly you end up doing it is up to you!

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