Learn to design click-worthy pin designs yourself!

Improve your Pinterest strategy with this bulletproof guide to stunning pins!

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Do you see stunning pins and want to know HOW they were made?

Would you love to be able to create unique and eye-catching pins ON YOUR OWN?

Do you want to improve your Pinterest stats and see exponential growth in no time?


As a graphic designer myself, I have spent loads of time (years, to be honest) mastering the perfect pin design that

: gets the attention. I mean, your pins need to be noticed for your posts to be read… 

: goes viral. Going viral is just another kind of thrill… And the traffic that comes after!

: drives traffic. Noticing isn’t enough. Your pins need to be WELCOMING. 

: is brand-aligned. Staying true to your brand and getting noticed for it is important!

And I’m happy to say I’VE DONE IT!

After experimenting, tweaking, failing, improving, I have hacked the perfect Pin Design code and I’m here to show how you can design your own stunning pins.


In this course you will learn how to...

  • choose the perfect pin title
  • find great background photos
  • create easy-to-read layout
  • combine the best fonts
  • brand-align your pins
  • design your own templates

Yes, after this course you will know how to create pins just like these with Adobe Photoshop!

Guide to bulletproof Pinterest strategy for bloggers


And I know that anyone can get this kind of traffic – no matter what you blog about or how long you’re doing it.

However, one of the most important parts of successful Pinterest marketing, besides great descriptions and content, is pins. 

Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs lose traffic just because of poorly designed pin graphics…

Others spend loads of money by hiring Pinterest VA’s or purchasing graphics online.

And there’s also a bunch that spends loads of their own time to create each unique graphic…

This course will save your time, money AND sanity by providing simple to learn practice of creating stunning Pinterest pins in no time.

If this is something you need, we've met in the right time and right place!

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*The course will be released on 1st of February!


This Pin Design Masterclass covers all you need to know about Pinterest graphic design with Photoshop.


  • What are the benefits of using Pinterest?
  • Must-have Pinterest setup before getting started
  • Breaking myths about Photoshop
  • Getting familiar with Adobe PS


  • Anatomy of the perfect pin layout
  • Design tips to keep in mind
  • Guide to choosing the best fonts
  • Brand guide creation


  • Creating the layout
  • Writing eye-catching title
  • Adding background (color + stock variations)
  • Adding branding elements
  • Solving issues


Easy to use Photoshop Templates

Start creating your own pins with ease.

I have prepared 3 different Photoshop templates you can get started with! All are well-organized + you will get the instructions on how to use all of them. 

Guide to bulletproof Pinterest strategy for bloggers


Bulletproof Pinterest Strategy to grow your traffic

I have included a full strategy I used to grow my Pinterest account in the past 4 years from 0 to 300K daily views. 


The best resources for finding free Fonts & Stock photos

Use any of my provided resources and follow easy-to-use guides to download new fonts and get the best stock photos for your unique pin designs. 

hi, i'm ieva!

I'm a blogger, freelance designer and online course creator. I started blogging five years ago so I could travel the world while pursuing my passion of writing, designing and helping others.

Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs fear the idea of learning Photoshop since it has a quite big learning curve... The truth is, I got started on Photoshop with no previous knowledge so I can say for sure - everyone CAN learn it.

I have learned that you need to combine PASSION with FOCUS to make big things happen. And that's why I'm here!

After trying and failing, after experimenting with a variety of projects and learning from other online entrepreneurs, I'm here to share fun, creative and effective way to create amazing Pinterest graphics!

Ieva Laicane, Author of The Random Passion project

Now on pre-sale*!

For limited-time only this course + bonuses will be yours for $49.

*The course will be released on 1st of February!

“I’m reviewing all this amazing, amazing work Ieva did and just want to say WOW! I am blessed she helped me with her tips and expertise. Her work has helped me to get my business off the ground!”
Revi Goldwasser
Job Hunting Expert
"Ieva is a true professional. She took my ideas and ran with them and the end result was awesome. I would highly recommend learning from her expertise for the best final result possible!"
Dan Vegas
"Seriously hands down the most pleasant, communicative, skilled and helpful person I've ever worked with. Super grateful for her flexibility and warm personality, and most of all - her knowledge and skill level! "
Monica Hershaft
Holistic Health Coach


Ideally, yes, you should already have an active or – at least – started Pinterest account. However, this course doesn’t request it, it’s just for your own convenience. 

NO! This course covers it all from ground zero.

Yes! But it costs only $9.99/monthly and will be a great investment!

Any online business owner can profit from learning how to use Photoshop. There are loads of Photoshop tutorials online and you can learn everything starting from social media banners to your own digital product designs. 

Yes! You get 30 day money-back guarantee. 

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