Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive more leads to your website.
And the key element to more website visitors is GREAT GRAPHICS.

do you...

don’t feel like creating your own graphics?

feel like your pins just don’t make it?

want to outsource this task?

I have a solution for you!

Unique & outstanding graphics for your blog posts is the secret to successful Pinterest marketing.


As a passionate blogger and graphic designer, I have created the perfect offer: I’m here to create Pinterest graphics for YOU.

Brand-aligned, tasteful and eye-catching, based on your preferences. All graphics are UNIQUE and won’t be resold to other clients.

here's the offer:

One template is one brand-aligned pin layout that will be reused for all graphics. The background image and text will change. All graphics are UNIQUE for you and won’t be resold. If you have chosen 3 templates, we can create 3 different graphics for one post. With 1 template, it will be one graphic per post. We can also adjust this, based on your preferences.

choose what you need

Brand-aligned, tasteful and eye-catching, based on your preferences. All graphics are UNIQUE and won’t be resold to other clients.

The offer completion takes 1-2 weeks from the time you've filled out the Questionnaire.

Custom Pinterest graphic design for bloggers

1 template, 12 graphics

You have only few posts and you want to slowly get started on Pinterest? Get STARTER package.

Custom Pinterest graphic design for bloggers

3 templates, 27 graphics

You have successfully established your presence on Pinterest and want to add more graphics? Pick MEDIUM.

5 templates, 55 graphics

You've got a well working Pinterest strategy and need a consistent amount of graphics? PRO will be the perfect fit!

Custom Pinterest graphic design for bloggers

got your own idea?

If you'd prefer a custom created package and you have specific needs on your mind, let's create CUSTOM.

hi, i'm ieva!

I'm a blogger, website designer and online course creator. I got into freelancing and blogging four years ago to pursue my passion of traveling while earning location independent income.

I have explored being a successful affiliate, creating online courses, monetizing a blog and a lot beyond that. And Pinterest has been a huge part of my success!

By now, I have created thousands of Pinterest graphics for myself and my clients - I've really done my best to evaluate what works.

I'll be happy to help you with your graphics for Pinterest. I spend a lot of my time there and I LOVE seeing beautiful graphics!

Ieva Laicane, Author of The Random Passion project
“I’m reviewing all this amazing, amazing work Ieva did and just want to say WOW! I am blessed she helped me with her tips and expertise. Her work has helped me to get my business off the ground!”
Revi Goldwasser
Job Hunting Expert
"Ieva is a true professional. She took my ideas and ran with them and the end result was awesome."
Dan Vegas
"Seriously hands down the most pleasant, communicative, skilled and helpful person I've ever worked with. Super grateful for her flexibility and warm personality, and most of all - her knowledge and skill level! "
Monica Hershaft
Holistic Health Coach

can't decide?


Feel free to reach out with any questions to [email protected]

Custom Pinterest graphic design for bloggers

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