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On this page, you will find all of the relevant articles about Pinterest marketing, separated by the level of your existing knowledge!

Pinterest is one of the most powerful tools to drive traffic to your website. Either you’re just getting familiar with the platform or you’re planning to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level, on this page you will find all of the Pinterest tips and tricks, from A to Z.

The basics of Pinterest

Learn the basics of Pinterest and how this platform works on Foolproof Pinterest strategy for bloggers. This article covers how I got from 0 to 4K followers (now 8.5K and counting) and how my website traffic grew from a few people per day (if lucky) to hundreds, daily.

You will also learn all of the basics you need to know before getting started: how to prepare your website for Pinterest success, what you’ll need to do on Pinterest and similar.

There will be no new information for you if you’ve already studied the basics of Pinterest marketing and know how this platform functions. Scroll down for more!

Optimize for Pinterest

If you already know the basics and are tired of all the same advice you might find in the first section, make sure to learn how to actually optimize your site, your images and your posts for a full Pinterest potential!

On How to write a blog post that will go viral on Pinterest, you’ll learn WHY my viral posts actually went viral. I’ve reviewed all of the similar features these posts have that have caused them to be widely popular and, eventually, go viral on Pinterest. Until this day, most of these posts drive me the most of the traffic I get.

Once you start using Pinterest on a daily basis, you might find it necessary to use scheduling tools instead of manual Pinning. The latest Pinterest updates let us know that there is no difference between manual pinning and scheduling so fear no more

Spot your mistakes

Even the most professional Pinterest users tend to overlook some of the mistakes they might be making. Besides that, the platform makes so many updates that sometimes we just miss crucial changes.

To avoid losing an audience, make sure to read Which of these Pinterest mistakes are you making?!

Although I have always had rather impressive success with Pinterest marketing, there were several roadblocks I had for even bigger traffic. It’s time to review and admit your mistakes to improve your Pinterest strategy!

Pin scheduling

There used to be several Pinterest pin schedulers but eventually Tailwind took over and now is considered to be the single best option for pin scheduling.

Pin scheduling IS an important thing to do if you want to build a powerful Pinterest strategy. Tailwind posts each pin like a fresh content and it's an important metric for Pinterest success.

Besides that, Tailwind gives an additional chance to reach even bigger audience with Tailwind tribes.

Although I used to deny scheduling and thought it's (1) not necessary; (2) a waste of money & (3) not Pinterest friendly, it all turned out to be the other way around...

The latest updates

Pinterest is an always changing platform, especially, lately. While one day using hashtags on Pinterest is the worst possible idea, it takes another day or two for the story to change completely. The same goes for many other features and strategies.

On my article Why your Pinterest followers matter (again), what are Communities and other updates, you can read more about all of the Pinterest’s latest features, as of Autumn 2018.

Pinterest Communities definitely is one of the most important updates since it changes the whole way Pinterest functions! Pinterest Communities actually mean that now Pinterest is not only a search engine but also a social network. While some might frown upon this idea, it is an exciting thought for those who prefer Pinterest over any other social sites.

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Having well-designed pin graphics is one of the most important parts of successful Pinterest marketing!

Custom Pinterest graphic design for bloggers

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